How to Properly Look After Yourself if You Have a Busy Job

Life is full of stresses. This is true for people at all levels of an organization, from the janitor to the CEO. Many people even say that they are married to their job, although Charles Phillips says his work is his mistress instead. That gives a clearer division between his personal and professional life. It is a well known fact that people work too many hours and are getting increasingly stressed. This actually goes to the detriment of their productivity, which is why it is so important for people to actually take a break and get a balance that is healthy for their mind, body, and soul. For Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, this starts with looking after yourself as well, a message he makes very clear to his staff.

A Healthy Lifestyle

A number of things are promoted strongly at Infor, thereby ensuring that people are healthy, happy, and productive. These things include:

  • Eating a healthy diet. The best diet in the world is the Mediterranean diet. This includes lean protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The diet has been proven to increase wellbeing and stamina. Furthermore, it means eating small bites more often, and this means regularly taking a break.
  • Sleeping enough. When people are tired because they don’t get enough sleep, they also become more stressed. One thing that seems to be disrupting sleep is using electronic devices before bedtime, due to the blue light. This is why even Charles Phillips, a man who seems permanently attached to his two (!!!) cellphones, puts them down at least one hour before bedtime.
  • Relaxing and having fun. Life was made for living, not working. It is all too easy for a job to become all consuming, and for personal life to suffer as a result. Everybody should have a personal hobby, one that they may share with friends of family members, and they should allow themselves the time to partake in this hobby.
  • Charles Phillips and his wife Karen have set up the Phillips Charitable Organizations to engage in philanthropic activities. While most people don’t have the financial capabilities for this, volunteering is something anyone could and should do to increase their personal wellbeing while helping others at the same time.
  • Building a support system at work. Sometimes, things happen and there are reasons as to why you can’t come into work. If you have a support system in place, you can cover for each other so you don’t come back to a huge workload when you return. Simply return the favor when it is your colleague’s turn to have an emergency.

Do You Need Professional Help?

Most of us get stressed, or even overly stressed. Sometimes, however, things really get too much and you do need a bit of extra help. The risk of burnout is very real, and this can leave you unable to work for very lengthy periods of time. Most employers now have direct links to counseling services or other mental health providers, so that you can speak to someone in confidence before things get too bad.

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