Title Tags – Junk or Jewels

That is complete and total BS!

Title tags might just be the most important part of the entire page. Here’s why:

  1. They matter to the search engines
  2. They are the link to your site in the search engine results
  3. They are used to create the text for ‘Favorites’ listings
  4. They display in the title bar of the web browser

First, they matter to the search engines. Title tags might not be the most important factor for getting good search engine results, but, everything else being equal the site with the best title tags wins. Your title tags should start with the main keyword phrase that you want the page to be found for.

It should not start with your company name! Unless your company name happens to be the phrase.

Second, they are the link to your site in the search engine results. Most search engines make the title tag of the page the main link text that you click on to get to that site. If your page is optimized for a keyword phrase and that phrase is at the start of your title tag, when someone searches for that phrase the link to your site has the phrase in it.

Most search engines will bold any words that were used in the search that exist in the title tag or the web page description. Which link are you more likely to click on, the one that just lists a company name, or the link with the key words you search for in the link?

Getting them to click on YOUR link is what it is all about.

Third, they are used to create the text for ‘Favorites’ listings. When someone is on your site and saves it in their favorites, most web browsers use the title tag as the text for the favorites listing. If they try to save more than one page on your site they will get an error if your title tags are not unique.

Also, if your title tag is done properly, the visitor will not have to type their own text when they save the favorite because your title will say it all.

Your title tag should say it all!

Forth, they display in the title bar of the web browser. This might not be as important as the other reasons, but, a well thought out title tag in the browser title bar can drawl the attention of the viewer. They know what the page is about just by the text in the browser title bar.

So, make the most of your title tags. Every title tag on your site should be unique. Every title tag should start with the key word phrase that best describes the page. Every title tag should read well and not just be a list of keywords. Keep your title tag length to 6 to 8 words.

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