Why you shouldn’t dismiss Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Retailers in the UK have been jumping on the US Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping weekend, with much success. We are still seeing year on year sales increases and it doesn’t look like its slowing any time soon. So should you be looking at capitalising on this major shopping weekend? If you’re not sure check out the figures below, from My Voucher Codes for last year.

The effect Black Friday & Cyber Monday had in the UK in 2015:

  • Total sales across the four days (Friday to Monday) came in at an impressive £3.3bn.
  • Online sales increased by 11% year on year.
  • Amazon sold approximately 7.4 million items over the weekend.

Black Friday

  • Year on Year growth for Black Friday was 35% increase.
  • Sales on Black Friday were up 223% compared to a normal day.
  • UK shoppers spend £1 billion on Black Friday.

Cyber Monday

  • Year on Year growth for Cyber Monday saw a 34% increase.
  • Online traffic was boosted by 60% on Cyber Monday compared to a normal day.
  • UK spent an estimated £943m on Cyber Monday.

Speaking about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday phenomenon in the UK, Chris Reilly, General Manager of My Voucher Codes said:

“We are very receptive of US imports in this country, so unsurprisingly a retail sales weekend has also been very popular with British shoppers. We know from our figures that many people head online to research which retailers are offering these Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and many use this to start their Christmas shopping. We saw an increase of 19% in the number of users accessing our site on Black Friday compared to 2014, and a huge increase of 137% on a normal month end Friday.”

He added:

“We also saw an increase in total page views across the site, with 1,426,065 in 2015 compared to 637,508 in 2014. Our most popular pages were:

  1. Debenhams
  2. Boots
  3. House of Fraser
  4. Tesco
  5. AO
  6. Very
  7. Currys
  8. Disney Store
  9. Pandora
  10. Black Friday

We expect to see an increase again this year, however as with all growth, we don’t expect the increases to be as big as previous years as we feel we may have started to hit peak on these sales.”

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