3 Simple Steps to Help Optimize Your Return Policy

Let’s face it, dealing with customer returns is going to happen. How you as the business owner chooses the handle the returns can make or break your business. Even if you deal with one return a year or deal with returns on a regular basis having a solid return policy in place will help with the overall structure and flow of your business. While no business likes to have returns there are a few things that you can do to keep your customers loyal.

Have a Simple Return Policy

Maintaining customer relations is what a return policy should be all about. In the event that your customer is unsatisfied with their purchase you still want to leave the door open that they will return to your business at a later time. Have your return policy as easy as possible and have your return policy posted. A great idea is to have your return policy printed on the back of receipts or on the bottom of invoices. Make sure that all your staff fully understands the return policy and that they can accurately convey the return policy to the customers.

Try and Turn a Refund into a New Sale

In a land based store the customer will be right in front of you. Find out what they did not like about the product and offer some suggestions of something they may like. Consider offering them a discount on their next purchase. Provide them with outstanding customer service and the chances are great that your refund may have just turned into a new sale. By providing them with outstanding customer relations they may even tell their friends and family members about the service they received and how understanding the store was. If you are doing business online never underestimate the power of positive customer service. One method is to follow up with your customer after the online return has been made. Consider sending an email with a special discount as well.

Get to Know Your Customers and Clients

A return policy is going to vary a great deal and will depend on the type of goods and services sold as well as the individuals who buy the products. Small businesses will be able to benefit from being able to know your customers on a more personal basis. By knowing your customer and working with them one on one can go a long when it comes to time to return something. Not all businesses will be able to know their customers on a personal level but there are ways to find out what your customers want and need in terms of returns. Surveys are a great option to offer. Provide a way for your customers to give you feedback and most importantly take the time to listen to what the want.

Having a return of merchandise does not always have to be a negative thing. Returns are going to happen if you have a return policy. Take the time to get your plans in place and provide your customers with superior customer service.

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