5 Reasons Why Self Storage is Perfect for Your Business

Are you looking for more space in your office for extra employees or a whole load of new stock? Do you need short term space for storing items when you move? Or are you looking to move to a smaller office to save costs? Office property goes upwards to 1 million in Molesey – when you can find it. Often it is impossible to secure a decent office property at a price that is within a shout of your budget. If you need more space urgently, what do you do? Find out here why self storage is the answer – and about some of the other issues self storage facilities can solve for your business.

  1. Self Storage is Cost Effective 

When you compare the cost of office rental in Molesey with the cost of self storage Molesey provides, there is no contest. Obviously you can’t run all of your business out of a self storage unit if you have a customer-facing operation, but you can use a storage unit to store items that otherwise take up space in the office, which you can then use for business purposes; much cheaper than renting a larger office. You can guarantee that self-storage is not going to bankrupt you, whether you use it for long or short periods of time. And you can end up making more money from a unit – the space you free-up in the office is directly used for profit-building, not storage.

  1. Self Storage Protects Your Belongings 

You don’t need to worry about your leaky office roof and the damage it could cause to computer monitors and paperwork. Storage units are safe and dry, and free from problems with damp. Storage units also have built-in fire protective measures that help to protect your belongings from damage.


  1. Self Storage Provides Security 

Don’t worry about spending additional money on a new alarm system to protect items in your office. Move them the self storage where you can take advantage of the security measures already in place. Self storage units are normally equipped with security monitoring facilities, alarm systems, and key access.

  1. Self Storage Has a Variety of Uses

You don’t need to restrict yourself to storing paperwork and old equipment. You could turn a self storage unit into a warehouse space where you organise all the logistics and shipping for your online shop. Or you could use the space to keep large, bulky items that you would otherwise have had to sell in order to increase the space available in the office. If you have different space needs at different times of the year then change what you keep in the storage space – it’s a versatile space that you can use to best meet the needs of your business.

  1. Self Storage Cuts Stress

Clutter is scientifically proven to increase your stress levels. And when you are running a business you need as little stress as possible. Get rid of your clutter by moving it into storage and enjoy a streamlined, minimalist office where you can focus and work more effectively.

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