Business Etiquette in Brief: Professional Image Tips for Women

This week, in Business Etiquette in Brief, we’ll be taking a look at some professional image tips for the ladies.  That being said, there is a saying that says you should always strive to dress for the job that you want, not for the job you already have.  Now, in this day and age that could be good or bad.  Let’s take a look at what Ann Sabath suggests:

Suits- Typically, safe suit colors include navy, grey, taupe and black.  While brighter colors function a bit differently and aren’t disallowed, you still have to be careful with what your company will and will not allow.

Skirts- Skirts should be no shorter than slightly above the knee and fall no lower than just below mid-calf.  Mini-skirts or short skirts have no place in the professional environment. EVER.

Blouses- According to Sabath, the color of your blouse has a definite impact on your overall look.  Solid colors always work best and are typically the better investment.  Choose colors that won’t wash you out and which will look nice with whatever suit you’re wearing.

Hosiery- As a good rule of thumb, it is typically better to stick with skin-toned stockings or hosiery.

Shoes- If you can stand them, heels are always an acceptable (and preferred option) in the business/corporate world.  If you absolutely cannot withstand all that is involved in wearing high heels, a low heel or flat dress shoe is fine.  A solid color in leather will always look more professional, and the heel shouldn’t measure more than 2-3 inches in height.

Handbags/Briefcases– Again, it is always best to invest in leather accessories and try to stick to solid colors. If you’re going to carry a handbag as well as a briefcase, then you need to make sure that your handbag is significantly smaller than your  briefcase

Jewelry- Your choice in jewelry is a direct reflection of who you are as a person.  Whenever possible, try to match up your jewlery items. (i.e. whit gold on white gold).  As for earrings, long dangling earrings are not advised for a businesss setting nor are giant hooped earrings or anything else that may seem gaudy.  Remember that simple is always better!

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