Capture Your After Dinner Speech for Training Purposes

Using some of your after dinner speeches for use in your company’s training programme can be an effective tool that adds meaning to your corporate professional development. When you gather helpful information for the attendees of a company dinner, you can easily have this data transcribed into a format that you can use with new employees as well as seasoned veterans who need a refresher course from time to time. If you’ve ever tried to transcribe some of your own videos or audio recordings of discussions, interviews, or important meetings you know the importance of having quality sound that is clear and easily understood. When you decide to outsource your needs for transcriptions of your after dinner speeches, you should know some tips for creating good recordings so that the team of professionals working for you can do an excellent job quickly and efficiently. Let’s take a look at some guidelines for creating videos and audios that experts can use to develop accurate and reliable transcripts for your company.

  1. You should inform the attendees at the dinner that you are recording the session to be transcribed later; this will be their cue to avoid making noises with glasses and other eating utensils that may remain on the table. It is also a good idea to ask them to avoid talking or speaking when your speech is being recorded.
  2. Ask the staff at the dinner to keep the area free from background noise; be sure to turn off fans, buzzing lights, or other noisy features that can disrupt the quality of sound that you are getting. You will want to have all doors and windows closed to prohibit outside noises from permeating the room and remind the staff to fix any creaking chairs or tables if possible before your speech begins.
  3. Place the microphone in a good location and don’t move it around once your speech starts; transcription services professionals can provide you with a more accurate copy of your speech and any questions that are asked if they have a clear sound of your voice and the replies that you give to the attendees that can be shared with your employees in a written format after the speech has been transcribed.
  4. When your after dinner speech is ready to be transcribed, include your recording along with a copy of the acronyms used and any other spellings that are specific to your company; this will help the transcription services professional provide you with a more accurate copy for your records. When you speak with your transcriber after the job has been completed, it’s a good idea to ask for suggestions that can be implemented for your next after dinner speech. They will know how to improve the quality of your sound, how to eliminate more background noise, and what additional information they need to meet and exceed your expectations.

Providing a good recording for your transcription team to use will ensure that the final result you receive is accurate, reliable, and a credible account of the details of your meeting, training session, or presentation.

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