Stedman Graham Guides Women to Success: Exclusive Interview with the Leadership Author, Lecturer & Speaker

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In this exclusive interview with us, Graham shared his views and challenges women face in developing their full leadership potential.

Gender Barriers to Business Success

According to Graham, one of the biggest barriers to success for women is the fact that some women are stuck with the label of being a woman accepting their social role and buying into whatever they have learned about being a woman. It restricts women from being free thinkers. They are limited by the definition given by others.

Another barrier is “the good old boys club” which fuels inequality and the notion that women don’t play golf or sports and simply don’t understand the concept of team play. There is a clear access issue and it is only recently that women started to organize themselves in networks and groups. As women get more involved, building their self-esteem moving beyond the ascribed labels they will be able to see themselves as true equals and confidently bring their unique expertise and strength without having to apologize for being a woman.

Women Leadership in Transition

In the years since women have been introduced to “leadership studies,” we wanted to know what Graham has learned about women leaders and the contexts that promote and sustain women’s leadership.

Graham asserts that women can accomplish as much or more as their male counterparts once they come together and build an empowerment base. He cautions that women, as they build this power base, are susceptible to fall into similar discriminatory practices and patterns as the “good old boys club.”


In any group that comes together to represent themselves, members are often not flexible enough to include other people. Graham asserts that as women leadership has been in transition this has been an interesting phenomenon to watch. He sees women coming to power and earning money in these settings engaging in the same discriminatory practices. Graham advices that this is something to think about as women go through this transitional phase.

Stedman Graham Guides Women to Success

Even if a woman leader adopts a gender-neutral view of the world, chances are the people around her probably will not. The differences explain why understanding gender roles is vital for women in leadership. we asked Graham how to build a much needed foundation for leadership growth to address this issue.

“It is important to own your own self and your own mind,” Graham responds. “This is why the Nine-Step Process discussed in my books is so important. It teaches ownership of oneself. It teaches how to develop a process for continued self development so one can improve. Everyone has 24 hours. The question is, what do you do with your 24 hours?”

The combination of understanding one’s identity, skills and vision, are the foundation of Graham’s teaching, allowing women to translate a mission into an action plan. There will be obstacles, discrimination and sometimes public policy restricting her to work within a certain system. To be able to lead herself requires flexibility, mobility and patience to overcome those obstacles. His Nine Steps give women a process they can believe in and put into action.

For Stedman Graham everyone is equal and what makes a person strong is to be able to create a purpose in their life that allows them to sustain themselves despite any barriers and maintain strength to last a lifetime. “If you have that, you can develop, evolve and grow without being self destructive.”…

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Why Create A Logo For Your Business?

Why Business Logo Design is So Important to Your Organization?

If you own a business, but don’t own a business logo, then you are not doing justice. This is such a powerful tool that giant corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a high quality and memorable logo design.

Budget Problem, No Problem:

Now, this clearly shows that this design is extremely important, but you may not have thousands of dollars for a logo. Don’t worry…Big businesses have all the extra cash to waste, whereas small business owners can get one at a fraction of the cost without even compromising on quality.

So, having said that, let’s now dig deeper and explore why you must create a logo design for your business.

Give Something to Your Market to Visualize Your Business:

Your logo is not a small piece of design; it is in fact your business identity. It helps you stand-out from the competition. Thus, without a logo, you won’t be able to create a unique business image.

If, in a store, you see many products by several manufacturers that you have never tried before, then it’s the quality of the logo that will enable you to determine the quality of a particular product. Without a logo, there won’t be any visualization and, thus, you won’t get any recognition. In order to grow your business, it is crucial that you give your business an impressive face with an impressive logo design.

Make Your Online Marketing Campaigns Effective:

If you use social networking sites, then your logo can help you a lot. Your logo design in your profile will help you promote your business and win the trust of your market. Let’s say you don’t have a logo right now. If you add friends and grow your network, it won’t help your business in any way, because you won’t be promoting your business. The only way of promoting your business will be through the links that you will post and it may even get you labeled as a spammer in the long run.

Having a logo design will prevent you from spamming as people will see your logo and learn about your business. If your network will trust you, then they will trust your business as well and would love to learn more about it. So, build your credibility by communicating with your network and build your business image with a high quality logo design.

Make Your Offline Marketing Campaigns Effective:

Distributing brochures and giving away complimentary items are some great ways of promoting your business offline. However, you won’t get any recognition if your brochure or products won’t have your logo imprinted on them. Other than recognition, a top-notch logo will also help you win the trust of your market.

When your target market will look at your complimentary products (with your logo) again and again, they will automatically begin to trust you (Hey, after all, they are already using your product in the form of a mug, pen, T-shirt or any other complimentary product).

So, folks, you need a logo design to give your business an identity and make your marketing campaigns effective.

In today’s tough competition, you can get a top quality logo, designed by a professional designer, at a very low price. So, you too can now create your brand identity effectively.



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5 Keys To Making A Great Video

5 Tips for Making A Professional Video On Your Smart Phone! - YouTubeThese days, viral is in. It seems as if anyone can create a video, slap it on YouTube and have it be an overnight sensation. And lately, businesses that are smart are starting to take notice of just how crucial of a role viral media can play in the promotion of their brand on the World Wide Web. The following are some key pointers to help you make a great video that is Internet worthy.

Steps to making a great video

    1. Invest in a tripod. How many times have you watched a video on the Internet in which you start to feel motion sickness from all of the shaking going on? Creating a professional video for your business means having some stability.
    2. Invest in a microphone. One of the best purchases you can make when trying to create a professional video is buying a microphone, specifically a lavaliere microphone. This is a kind of microphone that attaches to your clothing and can be plugged into the camcorder. Best of all, because these types of microphones are tiny, you can easily hide them so that they are not the main focus of the shot.
    3. Find the right lighting– Ideally, you should try to shoot your videos towards the end of the afternoon when the quality of the natural lighting outside is the best. Play around with the lighting a little to find out what works best for you, but keep in mind that using natural lighting will mean the difference between having to invest thousands of dollars in schlepping around expensive lighting equipment (which you’ll first have to learn how to use). If you’re videotaping an interview, make sure that you are aiming the camera away from the light source so that the focus of your video isn’t washed out.
    4. Learn a thing or two about the zoom. One of the most common mistakes when trying to make a great video is moving the camera around too much. Knowing how and when to pan out or zoom in can make or break a video.
  • Have a point. Especially if you are putting your video on sites such as YouTube, it only takes a matter of seconds for someone to be interested in what your video is about. This is where the title comes into play. Come up with a catchy, yet relevant title for your video, and make sure that your video isn’t too long. Typically, most videos that you see are only between one to five minutes in length.

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5 Ways To Make Your Wfh Experience That Much Sweeter

26 Working From Home Tips During the Coronavirus OutbreakThe following are five ways in which you can improve your work-from-home (WFH) experience to make things a heck of a lot sweeter!

  1. Know Your Company’s Policies– Working from home is one thing, but actually getting the work done is another. Obviously, if your boss trusts you enough to work from home, then he or she trusts you enough to know that you are reliable and will follow the usual business ethics to make sure that your work is done in a timely manner and in the way in which it was originally specified to you to be done. The last thing that you want to do is ruin that balance of trust with your employer, so always make sure that you go above and beyond to do your best.
  2. Maintain Some Semblance of a Schedule– Just because you have the luxury of working from the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep up a regular work schedule. I’m not saying that you have to work a strict 9-5 schedule; but at the same time, you don’t really want to be working in a few hours here, a couple of minutes there and then the rest of your hours in the middle of the night. Keeping a rough schedule helps to keep you organized, and it also keeps your body trained to get work done during a certain time frame. Plus- it allows you to better set your schedule for doing other things such as, I don’t know, having a social life for starters!
  3. Cut Out the Distractions- For me, this boils down to one of two things: my cell phone or Facebook. Whatever it is for you, get rid of it (at least while you are working). For instance, when I am hard at work, my cell phone is usually turned off or is turned to silent and placed in another room. As for the social networking sites, I usually have a schedule in front of me on one screen and my tasked work on another, which leaves very little wiggle room for social networking sites. In between work breaks, I will try to check my cell phone or relieve some of the work monotony by checking out the latest social media stuff.
  4. Take Breaks and Get Out- I have a tendency to work for long blocks of time, which is not good for several reasons; the main one being that when I eventually peel myself out of my chair, my back is killing me and I suddenly realize that I’m starving. Some of the tendency for those of us who work from home is to shut ourselves indoor all day until we finish every last drop of work. You don’t have to do this! Breaking up your work day is a great way to stay fresh and on point so that work doesn’t begin to drag you down. Get out and go for a walk or head to the gym or meet up with a friend for lunch and then come back to your work. Schedule breaks for yourself!
  5. Protect Your Computer- If you work from home, then you will no doubt want to invest in a secured internet connection to protect your wireless network. Also, make sure that you back up whatever files you are working on just in case the power goes out or there is inclement weather.

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5 Reasons to Choose a Local Injection Moulding Company

Plastic is an essential part of everyday life. Plastic makes an appearance in items as diverse as auto parts and toys, food containers and medical instruments. Plastic allows for the cheap production of parts that help machinery function efficiently and safely. Plastic is a versatile, cost-effective material but it can be overwhelming when choosing a supplier to make your plastic parts. It is even more complicated when you have to consider whether to have the parts made in the UK or overseas. Here are a few ideas about how to pick the right people and why – crucially – a local injection moulding company is best.

  1. Pick a Local Company for Stress-Free Communication 

There are far fewer worries associated with the logistical side of dealing with a UK plastic parts company. Communication is simple and hassle-free, compared to dealing with an overseas company where you must factor-in possible time differences and language differences. If you want to ask a quick question you simply pick up the phone or send an email, without having to think about the best time to contact the company. You can even visit in person to take a look at the manufacturing plant and the process.

2. Choose a Local Injection Moulding Company for Lower Overall Costs 

Overseas injection moulding companies have traditionally offered lower prices for moulding jobs but nowadays the difference in price is not so extreme. You need to factor in the cost of shipping and possible storage when you order from overseas. This can bring the price up considerably. A UK company offers competitive pricing on delivery and will certainly be cheaper than an overseas supplier in that respect. You also do better with your carbon footprint when you don’t ship long distances.

3. Choose a UK Injection Moulding Company for Less Hassle

Sometimes mistakes are made. Or you may change your mind or your specifications. Dealing with a UK company like is easier than having to deal with a company that is far away – it is much easier to correct mistakes when the company is close by. And even if there are no mistakes, but you just want to check up on the progress of the order, this is a simple matter.

4. Choose a Local Company to Handle Your Specific Order

Many overseas injection moulding companies are only after the big order – if you have a smaller budget you may find this a problem. You can’t afford to place a large order at once; you prefer to post smaller orders on a more frequent basis. You can do this with a company who is closer to home and happy to work on orders large and small; at the frequency that suits you.

5. Choose a Local Plastics Company for a Quicker Turnaround

When ordering from far away the turnaround time is bound to be longer as you are shipping or delivering over longer distances. It’s a big advantage if you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, too. Often it really makes sense to order from a local firm – the benefits come direct to you.…

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How to turn Ideas into Sales

Turn Your Awesome Ideas Into Profitable Sales | Ways to get money, Blogging  tips, How to get moneyCreating a good business model is a difficult task but then trying to execute it can seem far more challenging.  With many obstacles in the way, whether this be a crowded market, difficult economic circumstances or just customers that won’t make the purchase, ultimately sales need to be made in order to generate cash and profit for the company.  Many people are great at coming up with ideas and strategy however converting this to a business opportunity and executing it can then be a skillset lacking in the individual or company that help is needed.  No doubt you can employ someone in your company who has great qualifications from university on strategy or business planning but is that enough?  There are many prospect business development coaches and courses available to people in the UK that may be an option to consider.  Here are some of the outcomes the points these courses may help you with:

Strategy – Every business needs a strategy.  Whether you are selling items in a shop on the internet or providing a service of some sort, your business will require to evolve in order to keep up with the latest market trends and changes.  Strategy does not require to be complex but can cover 1 year, 5 years or longer term.  What is your company unique selling point and what have you got over companies selling the same product or providing the same level of service.  Developing a strategy is also something that should not be completed in isolation.  Bouncing this off professionals or even others within your organisation can help give you the right direction and enablers to be successful.

Performance – Ensuring you have the correct KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in place will assist in ensuring that you have a level of governance and governance on how your company is performing.  These KPIs could be around cost, sales, revenue etc or they could be around people, quality, safety etc.  Setting these right in line with the operational strategy is important to drive the correct outcome.   Coaches will help give guidance on what the best KPIs are to set but also give guidance on how to review and govern these.  In addition to this, they can help coach you if these are set and you are not meeting them.  What enablers are required in order to change the direction of the downward trend, who is required to support with this or whether additional skillset required?  These courses and coaches will help give you the independent advice required.

Converting leads to sales –  If you have lots of leads that don’t seem to be converting to sales then maybe you need a coach to understand why.   This could be down to a number of factors including pricing and service but could also be down to things like technique of sales or competition.  Having a deep dive of this and support from a coach could be an option to look at to understand the further opportunities around this.…

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5 Stereotypes About Working from Home That Don’t Have to Be True!

More and more people these days are starting their own businesses and using their homes as their bases. More employers are also allowing their workers to work remotely from home some or all of the time. This has created a whole culture around working from home, and not all of what you read makes working from home sound especially good. The reality of working from home can take some getting used to, but you can definitely make it work for you, and it can give you the flexibility and productivity you want.

Here are five things you often hear about working from home that may be true for some people, but don’t have to be pitfalls you fall into in your own work:

People Who Work from Home Feel Lonely

If you are used to a job where you speak to lots of different people every day – for instance a customer facing role – or where you have a close knit group of work friends you talk to all the time, then switching to working from home may make you feel like you are missing out on interacting with other people. For some people this is actually desirable, as they work better alone and enjoy having peace and quiet and no distractions. If you are not one of these people, however, you are going to need some strategies to combat the feeling that you don’t get enough contact with people in your day.

Some people find that making phone calls helps, or even just talking on social media. However, if you find you want more face to face contact, then it can be a good idea to start making regular arrangements to go out for coffee, lunch, or after work drinks with friends, or to start doing something social in the evenings, whether it’s nights out, classes, or joining a gym.

People Who Work from Home Have Terrible Diets

Another common thing you tend to hear about working from home is that it can be really easy to get into bad habits with what you eat. It is true that if you aren’t careful, you can lose your schedule and end up snacking all day rather than eating proper meals. It can also be easy to get restless and raid the fridge.

All it takes to avoid this is to commit to keeping healthy routines while you work from home. In reality, working from home actually gives you more chances to eat good food, because you can prepare things easily in your own kitchen to eat. If you prepare things in advance and stock up on healthy snacks, make sure you take proper breaks at regular times to eat, and be mindful of what you eat while you work, then there is no reason to have any nutritional problems or gain weight while you adjust to your new working life.

Working from Home Means You’re Never ‘Off Work’

Some people who work from home complain that they never feel like they’re not in some way working. This can be an easy trap to fall into, but if you are aware of it, you can avoid it.

One important thing to do is work in a specific area you dedicate to only work. This way, whenever you are there you can be in work mode, but the rest of your home is still a place to relax and live. Another good idea is to try and stick to fixed hours. You may have to be flexible, but avoid putting things off until late in the evening just because it is an option. This way you can get more free time and try and avoid people expecting things from you out of normal hours.

A good work life balance is important wherever you work, and when you work from home, it is down to you to ensure you get it. Be firm with the people you deal with about the times you are available, and be firm with yourself about when you are and are not working.

People Who Work from Home Let Themselves Go

Lots of jokes are made about home workers working in their pajamas or forgetting to brush their hair for days. If you actually like the idea of being comfortable like that all day and not worrying about your appearance because you’re home alone, this is fine, but if you don’t feel good and ready to work unless you get properly dressed and ready for the day, then keep to your usual morning routine. You can be as relaxed or as smart as you want when you work from home, but if you find you haven’t showered for days because you haven’t left the house, then maybe you aren’t really taking the best care of yourself!

Working from Home Means Fighting Distractions

If you are prone to procrastination at the best of times, you may wonder how you will fare when you have nobody looking at what you are doing and all the distractions of home vying for your attention. This is another reason to have a dedicated working area where you sit down and focus. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks, and if you want to browse the internet, watch TV or engage in your hobbies during these times that is fine, but you may find you need to discipline yourself at first to avoid those distractions outside of break times. This will allow you to keep productivity up and still enjoy being at home.

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can avoid becoming a work from home stereotype, and be just as productive and healthy as you usually are once you have made the transition from working at a business site to working or running a business from home. Of course, if you actually like some of these things and can work well while you enjoy these aspects of being at home all day, this is fine too!…

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Listen to Your Employees More

A recent study shows that a lot of bosses aren’t doing a very good job of listening to their employees. In these difficult economic times your small business might not be able to hand out cash bonuses or pay increases, but you can pay more attention to what your employees are saying. It’s bound to be good for businesses.

Survey Results: The more powerful you are, the more difficult it may be to listen to your employees. That’s the conclusion from research conducted by Kelly See, an assistant professor of management and organization at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, along with colleagues from Lehigh and Duke Universities. More than 200 business graduate students were asked to remember scenarios where they felt helpless or where they had power over people and resources. People who recalled times when they felt powerful were less likely to listen to advice. See says, “It’s important to surround yourself with people who are going to disagree with you and to remind you that you’re not always right. Leaders should seek as many opinions as they can get, and they should force themselves to listen to those opinions.” To read more, check out the November issue of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Benefits of Listening to Employees: In a knowledge-based workplace, you want to take advantage of the experience and insights of the people on your payroll. If employees feel valued, they’re likely to be more satisfied and productive. Employee feedback may also help you to avoid costly mistakes.

Strategies for Getting and Implementing Employee Feedback:

Adjust Your Mindset. Once you recognize the bias that feelings of power can create, you can try to compensate for the effect. It’s good to feel confident but you don’t want to alienate people and disregard valuable input.

Take a Survey. Ask your employees what matters to them. These days, flexible hours and educational opportunities may help to make pay freezes and smaller work forces more tolerable.

Engage Everyone in Brainstorming. Encourage employees at all levels to contribute ideas on how to cut costs, get more customers, improve working conditions and drive growth. Schedule retreats or set aside time in staff meetings. Create an online suggestion box.
Let Employees Know How Their Feedback is Being Used. Employees will feel more motivated if they know their efforts produce results. When you make an organizational change, explain how employee input factored into the decision.

Show your employees you care this holiday season and throughout the year. With everyone trying to do more with less, listening to your employees will empower them to contribute more to the bottom line while boosting everyone’s morale.…

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Are Television Mounts Necessary for Office Environments?

There are many different ways one can design an office space, but the overall theme of most  workplaces is to foster production. Whether this is done by making the overall atmosphere feel completely professional, or by doing the exact opposite and going for a little more fun, it’s entirely up to the business. However, there are a few aspects that aren’t entirely clear-cut.

For smaller companies that are looking to cut costs during the design of the office space, oftentimes they come across the problem of whether or not some items are worth using. One such example is televisions, and more specifically the television mount. After all, placing it on a mount means that it will remain in that area and can’t be moved around, compared to using a wheeled stand.

Mounted televisions can be efficient depending on placement

Just like most other aspects of design, being effective and efficient means taking advantage of placement. While some might feel that being able to move an expensive television around would be preferable to a mount, having it mounted also has its perks. Aside from looking quite professional, if it’s placed in an area that allows most of the office to see it, then there wouldn’t be any need to move it around.

Having a mounted television enhances the work environment

There are a few things that when added to a workplace make everything seem more professional. Having an average flat-screen television on a stand might be great in its own right, but it can’t compete with a mounted television that everyone can see. Even if the quality of the television isn’t completely top-notch, having it mounted enhances the overall image of your workplace environment.

You can mount cheaper televisions and still achieve a positive effect

This is especially useful for smaller companies that don’t have enough of a budget to purchase expensive televisions. By going for cheaper flat-screens, your best bet would be to mount them so that they still seem quite professional. By placing them in strategic areas, you’ll be improving the workplace image in an efficient manner.

Overall, there are few things that can beat a quality TV mount when you place it in just the right area. It’s important to maintain an air of professionalism when designing and maintaining the workplace, which is why you can’t really go wrong by investing in a few mounts. The televisions don’t have to be very expensive, simply the fact that they’re properly mounted can have a subtle effect that improves the look of the office overall. Having a bit of entertainment can’t hurt either, because that’s often when creativity works best. To conclude, mounted televisions are very much worth the purchase when improving your office space.…

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5 Tips for Buying the Right Packaging Equipment

When you decide to buy new packaging equipment, especially for the first time, you must plan wisely. Otherwise, you will fall victim to what is known as scope creep. This is when the scope of your project keeps growing because you failed to plan well from the beginning. And as it grows, so do costs associated with the project. To avoid falling victim to scope creep when you buy and install packaging equipment, keep the following five things in mind.


  1.  The Properties of Your Product

Any packaging equipment that you buy must match the properties your product. For instance, assume that your product creates dust. In such a case, any equipment that you buy must control certain environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity. If it does not, you must alter the machine down the line, leading to increased costs.

  1.  The Packaging Material You Will Use

Besides matching your product’s properties, the equipment must also match the type of packaging material you intend to use. If the equipment seals the material using heat, it must do so at the correct temperature and for the right amount of time.

Otherwise, the material will melt during the packaging process. Likewise, equipment that stretches the material must do so using the right amount of force. Or, the material will rip during either the packaging process or when you are transporting it.

  1.  Your Production Goals

Your equipment may fit both the product and packaging material yet still fall short of your production goals. Its speed may be wanting. So, before you purchase, define your output goals. How many packages will you package every day, shift, or hour?

For high production volumes, you need high-speed equipment or even multiple streams of equipment. However, keep in mind that such equipment is usually expensive that its slower counterpart.

  1.  The Equipment’s Changeover Capability

Equipment that has changeover capability packages different objects of the same width but different length. Better still, it does so without having to use any tools or to install any new equipment. The machine’s operator simply pulls a switch and alters the pack pattern.

For instance, you can quickly and effectively run bottles and cans on the same production line. As a result, you increase your output. In addition, maintenance personnel no longer need to modify machines to alter their production capabilities.

  1.  The Right OEM

Different OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have different levels of experience, track records, and design strategies. As a result, the OEM you choose determines both the complexity and reliability of the packaging equipment. When choosing an OEM, keep in mind that the more complex the equipment, the harder it is to operate, repair, and maintain.

So, work with an OEM that has a simple yet effective design strategy. However, ensure that the OEM’s strategy, though simple, still offers the best primary and secondary packaging solutions for your application.

To buy the right packaging equipment, ensure that it matches the properties of your product and make sure the equipment to your production goals. For high output, go for high-speed equipment even though it might be a little more expensive. Also consider buying equipment with tool-less change and choose the right OEM for your specific application.…

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