How do market research by surveying

It is important for any entrepreneur get to know the market you want to target. But above all, know what they want their potential customers. For companies that use the famous market research.

Tools that aim to better understand the needs of our customers and their problems so that we can act accordingly. Market studies are therefore facing very helpful in defining the characteristics of good business for our idea, but in turn are difficult to carry out, especially if you do not have a good budget.

Today, however, I will not get into how to do market research, for that you need to read this article, My goal with this post is to give you some guidelines for you to be able to design your own, a good survey for your market research . Beside this you can take a professional survey service. click here for your survey.

Basic elements to be considered for the survey of your market research

  • Let us be practical, the most important market research is to make a good questionnaire and selecting a good sample to which direct our questions.
  • Why? Because both depend on the quality of our study.
  • And we want to study quality is high so that the information is relevant and take good decisions with that information.
  • What happens is that we are not entrepreneurs and experts in surveys, questionnaires and market research.

So … here are some items to consider for your survey:

  • Make an exploratory testing session of your idea:First of all ask a group of 8-12 people who seem them your idea. This way you can meet other points of view and consider ways in which you had not fallen before making your inquiry.
  • Well prepared fieldwork:Objective and target customers. That is define the group of people whom you are sending your questionnaire for market research well. Not the same ladies ask 65 that a young man of 14 years of video games.
  • How many people have to interview:As a minimum you need to get 40 responses from a sample universe to consider valid or robust any conclusion drawn from the analysis of the results of your survey. Although there may be exceptions.
  • As I perform the questionnaire:it is advisable to consider one of these techniques to collect information: telephone interview, personal interview, online survey, focus groups, surveys, market test … etc.
  • Properly design your questionnaireis vital to design a good questionnaire. it will depend largely on the quality of market research.
  • Analyzes the results obtained with the questionnaireafter obtaining the answers is essential to analyze the results with a statistical tool.

From all these points most relevant to our entry today is to design a good questionnaire. Let’s see this point more deeply do you think?…

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Find Hundreds of Dollars Per Week by Changing One Bad Habit

If you work for yourself, my guess is that you are freely giving away huge sums of money before it even reaches your pocket.

One simple change you can make that can most likely put hundreds of dollars into your pocket by the end of the week, is to be more protective of your time.

Most entrepreneurs and freelancers in their early days are very liberal with their time. They often give more time to a client than they are contracted to give OR they misquote jobs, assuming they will take much less time to complete then they actually will.

Giving away our time in this manner is a sign of low self esteem and insecurity. 

Ask yourself, is this the message you want to give out to the people you work with – that you have low self esteem and are insecure about your success? Think about it, would a top notch lawyer give you free hours just to make you happy? Would a high profile web designer work twice as long on a project they quoted you half the reasonable time for?

Heck no. So why are you doing it?

Let’s be conservative and say that you are losing only 5 billable hours per week with your current habits. If you make $40 per hour, that’s $200 per week that you are giving away to someone else!

  • $200 per week equates to:
  • $800 per month
  • $9,600 per year
  • $48,000 over 5 years
  • $96,000 over 10 years

Just for letting other people take 5 hours of your billable time per week! 

What could you do with an extra $800 per month?

  • Invest in your business
  • Start a college fund for your kids
  • Take a seminar to increase your knowledge and revenue generating power
  • Take your significant other out for a nice weekend vacation
  • Finance a new car
  • What else?

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Philanthropy and its benefits to your business

The role of the business has transformed and evolved over many decades, transcending commerce and forging its own formidable impression on the social, cultural, and political landscape – making image and brand identity an essential component of a company’s success. We look towards companies on small and large scales for ideal role models within the community – and one of the ways that businesses can deliver isn’t just by producing a good product. It’s by taking this role seriously and contributing to the community in which it thrives.

A giving spirit

One of the most profound ways your business can fulfill this role is to become involved with philanthropy. Wes Edens of the Fortress Investment Group strongly believes that philanthropy extends into many areas. To that end he has given voluntary workshops guiding people towards making better financial decisions and by investing in mega funding for The Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College. As well as advocates for improving global health, Edens and his wife, Lynn, have also worked vigorously for children’s rights and are strong examples of setting precedents for other businesses and their involvement with the community. These range from small organizations to larger ones, and most importantly, it’s an important series of gestures that serve as inspiration to other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Making your mark

It is not just big corporations that can make a difference – in fact, in some ways, small businesses rely on their philanthropic role to garner attention within their immediate community. As a prospective or established business owner, ask yourself this: what can I do to make a difference for my fellow citizens? There are several ways, like donating to and/or sponsoring local events and campaigns, giving workshops and seminars to share skills and knowledge, and volunteering. All of these are endeavors that not only set aside the big business gurus like Bill Gates and Richard Branson, but small, community-based organizations as well.

By investing time and energy into these pursuits, you will begin to see your business not only increase its presence within the community (a simple tweet about how you helped fund-raise x amount for x charity is the best marketing tool anyone could ask for), but establish its role as well. You’ll be sending out a loud and clear message that you care about community and charity, and build morale within your own team of employees. It also opens up the doors for potential future recruitment as prospective individuals see your commitment to community involvement and goodwill – an attractive draw for many job seekers. Most importantly, you’ll be making a difference in peoples’ lives in a very memorable way.…

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Dont Forget Google AdWords Conversion Tracking!

I have spoken in the past about the value of tracking everything you can. Especially in Google Analytics. How ever when managing your paid advertising, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking is exactly what you need for fine tuning your PPC campaigns into a money making machine!

With AdWords conversion tracking you can track the true value of each individual keyword or key phrase. Also great way to see wich match type works the best as well, weather its broad, phrase, or exact. You can see exactly which one yields a Purchase/Sale, Lead Submission, Signup, Views of a Key Page, or Custom.

The stats you get are How many Conversions (people that took desired action), Conversion Rate % (conversions devided by clicks), and my personal faverote Cost per Conversion (total cost devided by conversions). With my past sales and marketing experiance it has alwayse been about how much work must be done or how much money must be spent for each sale. This is the exact answer. And if you know your Margins for the products or services you sell or provide you can figure out your exact needed budget.

My Duty as a PPC pro is to help get that cost per conversion down as low as possable at the same time as keeping the conversions as high as possable. Its not all about clicks, its about our viewers and potential customers being people who take action now. So if you do your own PPC management or plan to outsource later set it up and implement it as soon as posable to help now and in the future when you get to fine tuning and optomizing!…

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Guest Post: How to Develop a Small Business Abroad

Branching out abroad can be an attractive proposition for a small company looking to reach new customers, or offering a niche service that might be more attractive to markets in foreign climes. The advent of the world wide web has made foreign markets more accessible to the little guy than ever before, but there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

  1. Do the research

This is the single most important step. Check various markets to find the most receptive to your services or products and ensure that you understand the legal issues and common trading practices that will be involved. Attend trade shows and contact trade associations within the market. Your own country’s embassy or consulate will have trade commissioners who may be able to help and it’s always worth making polite inquiries.

  1. Pay a visit

It’s entirely possible to do it all at a distance these days, but face to face meetings are still the best when it comes to making deals and cementing working relationships. Spending time in the market will also give you a better understanding of the nuts and bolts of business practice within that territory, and may give you a feel for patterns and market trends in your particular field.

  1. Use the local talent

Small businesses are unlikely to have enough trusted employees to be able to simply send them off to manage operations abroad (not to mention the fact that they might not want to go). Even if trusted managers are both available and willing, using existing staff might not always be the best option. Local talent will already know their own market and will have business and language skills to match, making them an invaluable asset in any foreign venture.

  1. Make use of online marketing

The world wide web is aptly named. It opens up virtually unlimited marketing opportunities and you should make full use of it to advertise and provide access to your services. It’s worth noting as well that, in most emerging markets, the web is predominantly accessed via mobile devices, so your search marketing strategy for these countries should revolve around mobile search.

  1. Localize your website

It is, however, little use spending time and effort on online marketing if potential foreign customers never see or cannot read your site. Setting up a fully localized website for each target market on an ‘in-country’ Top Level Domain will make it more visible on local search engines, while thorough localization – addressing cultural as well as linguistic issues – will help ensure the site gets your message across.…

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3 Ways to Market Your Business Online That are Still Effective Today

Marketing online keeps changing and evolving as old strategies no longer work and new replacements are devised to try a streamlined approach. For business owners, it’s difficult to keep current with the adjustments to marketing that will work in the current climate.

Royalty Free Photo

Here are three ways to market your business that are still working well and should continue to do so into 2018.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Paid advertising across several advertising networks like Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and others offers an excellent opportunity to drive new traffic to a site. Unless you are already well experienced with drafting an advertising plan, creating a series of adverts, launching a campaign, and adjusting as the results of the marketing plan become evident, it’s very easy to lose a ton of money trying out ads that don’t deliver what you’re looking for.

For many business owners, they’re better off seeking out a specialist in advertising placement and management like this SEO Marketing agency in Orange County. You can learn from what they’re doing for you and you’re much more likely to see profitable advertising plans because that’s their job now.

Guest Posting

The idea of guest posting is creating good relationships with fellow businesses and bloggers, and later offering to pen a guest post for free that gets published on their site. The post must be high-quality and relevant to their business and customers rather than your own. Somewhere within the article will be an in-line outbound link from their website to your own, which helps to rank higher for the search term that’s used in the link.

The mistake that many people make is acquiring a link that doesn’t offer the benefit of both driving natural traffic to your site and creating a solid impression with their readership that you’re a person or brand they can a) trust and b) investigate further.

Infographic Marketing

An infographic is long, slim graphical static presentation that takes facts and figures about a subject or industry and presents it in a visually appealing manner that’s easy to digest. For other bloggers and companies that are writing about similar topics, having access to a professionally-designed infographic saves them the time and money to organize one themselves.

Usually, it’s customary to link back to the originator of the infographic, so the more sites in your industry publish the infographic, the greater number of links are likely to be created. It’s also possible to perform a search about 1-2 months after the infographic is made available to follow-up with sites that have published it but neglected to link back. Quite often, the polite prompt to add a link back to the creator is enough to encourage it, but not every site will do so, which is okay too.

There are many new approaches to online marketing that get tried and fall quickly by the wayside. Guest posting and pay-per-click advertising have been around for several years and are still effective. Infographics partly used as a marketing tool – plus they’re good to put in your own posts – is a newer strategy that has proven very effective.…

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Attracting Customers In The Local Area To Your Business

While many companies are now focussing on gaining global attention, it’s important for businesses not to neglect the potential clients on their doorstep. Local customers can be much more loyal, and enjoy using businesses close to home as they know you’ll offer a better level of service. That’s why attracting local customers is so important, but it can sometimes feel a bit more difficult than advertising in general. Here’s how to focus on the local area, and use your existing marketing tools to your advantage.

Use Social Media

Many towns and cities now have loads of Facebook groups for the local area, and here people can talk about the businesses they’ve used, recommend local companies to others, and talk about what’s going on locally. This is an excellent resource for small businesses to promote themselves. Just make sure you read the admin rules and make sure you don’t post too much. Promoting your business on social media is cheap and easy, and for smaller, local businesses it can be a source of lots of their income.

If you don’t have a page on Facebook, then set one up. This will allow you to get reviews, and will make you more visible to people in the local area. Other things you can use your Facebook page for include:

  • Giving people a way to contact you
  • Linking to your website or directory listing
  • Posting photos and videos
  • Allowing you to regularly update your clients

Network with the Local Business Community

Every business owner will know the value of networking when starting out, but even established businesses can benefit from attending networking events. You can meet new potential clients, and even find out whether some local businesses could work for you. From accountants to tradespeople, everyone can benefit from getting to know the local business community, and this can lead to long-term business relationships.

It’s easy to find events for local business owners, and they’re usually free or cheap to attend. This could be business breakfasts or coffee mornings, which give you plenty of time to mingle, and often have interesting, useful talks.

Get Added to a Directory

Many people will use a directory rather than a search engine if they want local results, and therefore it’s important to add your business for free to the Thomson Local directory. This means people will be able to search by business type and location, and easily find your company. Being in the directory can also help get you higher in search engine results, so make sure your details are always kept up to date.

Use Traditional Marketing too

Most companies now focus on advertising online, which can be very effective, but if you’re looking for local customers then it’s good to also use more traditional techniques. Both on and offline marketing can compliment each other, and help bring locals to your business. Certain demographics of customers might prefer the older methods so it’s important to also cater for them.

Some more traditional marketing that you could try locally could include:

  • Dropping leaflets through doors
  • Giving out business cards
  • Putting up signs or billboards
  • Face to face

It’s usually a combination of these things that will be most effective so it’s worth looking into the different types of marketing mediums that you can use.

Become part of the Local Community

People like to use businesses that are involved in the local community, and it’ll help you build a more positive profile for your brand. Local business owners will often sponsor local events, or offer prizes at school fêtes or charity drives. This is a cheap and easy way to get the word out about your business and to build an excellent reputation.

Some businesses will also have stalls at local fairs or markets, and this can be a good way to reach a new audience who might not otherwise pass your premises. If you’re selling goods in a shop, or have opened a restaurant, then setting up a stall will give you a chance to give them a sample of the products or foods that you offer.

Consider opening a Physical Location

If you are an online retailer, you might not think you need a physical shop space, but if you want to attract locals this will really help. You might want to consider opening a physical shop where they can browse, as this will attract passing trade. It can also bring in people from further afield who want to see products before they buy, and is great for tradespeople as it can act as a showroom for some of their more expensive items.

Get Prominent Signage

If you’re in a location with lots of people passing, then having a prominent sign will help attract more people to your business. It’ll also mean that people who may not have heard of you before will have the chance to look you up. You might also want to consider using billboards or signs to direct people to your premises, so find out about advertising rates in the local area.

Consider Local Advertising

Whether it’s the local radio station or the local paper, there are lots of ways to get the word out about your business, and this can be much cheaper than advertising nationally. It can set you up as a well known local brand, and could really increase your profile in the community, so it’s worth considering allocating some of your marketing budget for purely local adverts.

Many companies are keen to attract the attention of locals, but it can be difficult, especially if you’re new to an area. It’s best to focus on a mixture of traditional and modern marketing techniques, as this will cover lots of different demographics and help raise your profile. You should also look at things such as networking and supporting the local community as this can benefit your own business. By doing these things you may find more work coming in from the local area, and can enjoy being part of the business community.…

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Simple Advice To Help You Grow Your Small Business Site

Building a small business site is not at all as simple as you may believe. While it is not at all difficult to locate a service that will bring you the design that you need, make sure that you also think about how to promote it before you actually start it. Launching a site without actually thinking how to promote it is always a bad idea since it is possible to end up faced with various misunderstandings. Always have patience when you create your promotional strategy.

Because of the fact that we are talking about a small business website, there is a pretty good possibility that your budget is limited. With this in mind, the use of link building services is something that you will want to consider at a later point in time. You can easily start with the following moves.

Make Sure You Blog

This is the first advice that should be remembered by every single small business site owner. Most company owners think that the site is basically useful only for presenting information about the firm. That is not actually the case. You have to create as much content as possible in order to grow the site as fast as possible. Always think about opening a blog and try to write at least 2 articles per week. Share them through all available channels.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media is really important for any small business site. It is vital that you always do all that you can in order to build a very good social media presence because most of your visitors will be present there. They have accounts and you can actually reach them with a really small investment, which is always a huge advantage that a small business owner can easily take advantage of. It is surprising to notice how many small businesses do not actually use social media.

Promote Your Site On Marketing Materials

If you have a small business site, it needs to be present on absolutely all the marketing materials that a company uses. This ranges from online materials like digital ads to printed materials like flyers or brochures. It is so easy to simply add a line with the address of the site. That is all that you have to do. It is not at all difficult to end up with more free traffic simply because of that one extra line.…

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Ongoing Employee Education 5 Can’t Miss Opportunities

In today’s fast-paced world, even a fresh college education is quickly outdated. It’s crucial for businesses to find smart ways to stay ahead. Incorporate ongoing education in your business practices to ensure your employees stay on top of the latest innovations in their areas. Make sure everyone in your company is aware of these valuable learning opportunities.

Massive Open Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online classes that are available to the public. These are available through numerous sources including iTunes and college websites. MOOCs allow you to get an education from top schools like Yale, Harvard, or MIT without the competitive enrollment process and expensive tuition. Make sure your employees are aware of MOOCs and encourage participation in these cost-free learning opportunities, especially where they’re relevant to your business.

Virtual Training for New Technology

Technology’s fast pace necessitates ongoing training to keep up with the latest programs and updates. It’s crucial for your employees to understand all the functionality and features of your core systems. Any time you implement new technology, make sure you’re seeking out training opportunities that will teach everyone how to leverage the new tool or system. Virtual training is available for many software programs through resources like Microsoft Virtual Academy. Keeping employees educated is the best way to make sure your technology is properly utilized and protected.

Major Conferences

Image via Flickr by juokaz

Conferences are a valuable source of training and education. These gatherings present the latest innovations and offer fresh ideas for how you can stay ahead. Industry conferences focused on your niche will cover information that’s relevant to nearly anyone in the company.

You’ll also find conferences targeted to specific types of professionals, such as sales associates, marketing professionals, and graphic designers. If you see untapped potential in some of your employees, consider finding the appropriate conferences and sending them as a valuable way to build their skill sets and bring innovative ideas back to the company.

Non-Credit College Courses

Non-credit courses differ from traditional college courses in that they’re typically designed to stand on their own and apply to a broad range of learners. They’re often cheaper and more flexible than credit courses because they’re not part of a degree program. Non-credit courses, or continuing education courses, are simply classes your employees can elect to take for the sole purpose of expanding their knowledge base. These are an outstanding way to build your employees’ skill bases and increase their value and contributions in the workplace.

Employee Initiatives

If you’re looking for a fresh new way to spread knowledge within your organization, consider tasking your employees with sharing their skills. Offer incentives for those who are willing to develop and lead their own training sessions. You may be surprised at the hidden skills that emerge, from SEO expertise to research capabilities. Sharing knowledge between departments is a powerful way to expand everyone’s skill sets.

Ongoing education is valuable to both the employee and employer. Encourage everyone in your company to pursue new learning opportunities as often as they can, and consider carving out time during the work week to encourage ongoing education.…

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Does Your Business Need a Podcast?

Podcasting could be a tool to spark growth in your business. Here is an overview of what podcasting is, why it is great for business, and tips for starting out.

What is podcasting?

Simply put, a podcast is audio content. Some podcast shows may seem similar to a radio show – you can find podcasts where one or more people discuss ideas or events, for example. Unlike a radio show, all you need is some basic computer equipment and an internet connection to make one.

You don’t have to live in a certain area or tune in at a specific time to listen to a podcast, either. Instead, you download episodes from the Internet to a media device, like an iPod, and listen to them on demand.

How can it help your business?

Podcasting can help your business expand its reach online. Good podcasts offer useful, interesting content, which can pay off for the business generating them. Done well, a podcast can heighten awareness of your brand, help you develop connections with customers, reinforce your role as an expert in your field, and drive listeners to your website.

3 Tips for getting started

  1. Consider your audience. Who do you think will download your podcasts? What are their needs and interests? Then, think about which topics you are most passionate about sharing. Hopefully, you will find at least a handful of subjects that you would be excited to share and that your audience will love. Those topics should serve as the foundation of your show.
  2. Buy a quality microphone. You don’t have to splurge on the best one in the industry, just something that captures audio clearly. Podcasts filled with volume fluctuations and static not only sound unprofessional, but these distractions also make listening to your show difficult. Few listeners will download multiple episodes of barely audible content.
  3. Ensure you have enough time to produce shows regularly – daily, every few days, or weekly is ideal. Plan a schedule and stick to it. Listeners are more likely to return if content is fresh and available at regular intervals.

Podcasting is yet another weapon in a business’s digital marketing arsenal. Creating informative podcasts regularly can improve the visibility and reputation of your business, while helping develop connections with customers.…

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