How can brands become publishers?

As it is reflected to the recent personal and professional interactions, publishing has changed a lot especially when it comes to your business and professional needs, as well for your brand and the company, combined with an eBook.

Let’s say the one of your lifetime dreams was to publish an eBook, having said that this book is the most important goal you have ever imagined come to life. You can choose the self-publishing method which is a lot faster and especially if you have the proper amount and number of resources. On the other hand, you can also take the longer way so that your brands as publishers can get interacted so that they can work, is trying to get a publisher that can make this work instead of you. Though, this process can get a little bit uncertain and doubtful in a way, it may also work. If you choose the traditional way of publishing, you will have the need of tenacity, willingness and time In order to create your own author platform.

You can also choose publishing for your book as an adjunct, which is a great asset for your company and business. For this kind of author, you cannot wait for someone to publish your book, instead you have to take the matters in your own hands and take control over the interaction of the book and its reflection on your own business.

Having a brand with a line of products and services and you have already partially put your brand out in the open, it is certainly not enough. You definitely need a book in order to get the desired credibility for your company’s services and the company in general. Publishers do want to help you in building and growing your business and put it out in the open on a global level.

This is why using content out in the open or online can help your business in order to get exposed and increase you company’s credibility but for building brands also. It is very important to develop your own brand and if done properly it may also give you the competitive edge. If you want to create and reinforce whatever type of image you have in mind for your brand or seek to establish it, publishing content especially consistently is the most effective way to do it. You research and deliver information while learning, by putting a small dose of entertainment or reporting breaking news and novelties, adding perspective to both your company and clients and of course let’s not forget about the process of provoking thoughts with your publishing content.…

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3 “Eggseptional” Easter Marketing Ideas

Whatever your age, background or creed, Easter can be a time to come together to celebrate whimsy (after all, the holiday centers on a large bunny handing out eggs made of chocolate), spoil children and show compassion to the less fortunate. It’s a perfect holiday for community outreach as well, since, traditionally, it’s not really an indoor holiday, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, yet Canadians still have the Monday off. This makes it a prime marketing holiday, a time to appeal to prospective and existing customers or clients, and get your brand out there. Here are three “eggseptional” marketing ideas to make the most out of the Easter holiday.

Easter Baskets

Giveaway baskets work any time of the year, but they’re especially fitting during Easter. A longtime symbol of Easter, the basket full of goodies can be used easily in a marketing context by loading it with Easter-related, branded paraphernalia like chocolate eggs from a local chocolatier (with your company name on the foil), a pastel-coloured shirt screen printed from with your brand’s logo, or a pair of novelty bunny ears.

This is all about getting your brand out there via promotional products, and will pay off both by ingratiating your company with consumers and physically putting your logo and name out there in public. Although the foil from the chocolate egg might end up in the bin, the screen-printed shirt will likely be worn year-round, meaning continued free advertising for your business.

Charity Event

Charity events are about helping people, plain and simple. Any marketing benefits should be considered a byproduct. However you want to look at it, charity events are good karma for a business, and offering something that helps the less fortunate is good optics for a brand. Running with the Easter theme, consider donating baskets of canned goods or clothing to people in need; you can ask the community to pitch is, an in a food drive, and match their contributions – this gets people engaged and involved.

If your business sells goods like food or clothes, all the better – you can run a campaign where, for instance, you’ll donate a certain amount of money for every pair of jeans purchased that will go towards clothing the homeless. This promotes sales while still remaining in the spirit of giving.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is mainly about whimsy, about the imagination of children. An Easter egg hunt is the perfect way of illustrating that. Children, for a day, get to believe that a magical bunny rabbit goes around hiding chocolate for them to find. It’s a bizarre premise when you really think about it, but children love it, and parents love it to because it keeps their children occupied and entertained. Consider hosting an Easter egg hunt for children; you can put your branding on the event signs and on your employee’s shirts and hats. Parents will appreciate the gesture and the generosity, and will think of your brand next time they shop for your specific good or service.

Whatever it is you offer, there is a way of fitting your brand into the Easter festivities, and you’ll be glad you did. This Easter, put a little hop in your business’ step by employing one of these three marketing ideas!…

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