Supreme Court to Decide If Swearing on Network TV is Indecent

Will It Soon Be Legal to Say Curse Words on Broadcast Television? – The  Hollywood Reporter



Over the course of the next few weeks, the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments both for and against allowing or disallowing the prohibition of certain curse words on network television. And, according to the Hollywood Reporter, deciding for decades to come whether Americans will find a safe haven from the decadence seen in cable channels.

Not surprisingly, the Christian Science Monitor has weighed in suggesting that not only does the government reserve the right to prohibit indecent or profane content on television that is freely available to children, but a mandate to do so.

Unfortunately, or not, depending on which side you’re on, the issue before the court isn’t whether swear words are indecent, or whether people uttering such words on network television is inappropriate, because the job of the Supreme court, as NPR reminds readers, is to read the Constitution and look at pending legal issues to see whether it’s covered or not. This means that the ruling, whichever way it goes, is likely to have broader implications than just whether people should be allowed to swear on network television. If the court rules that the constitution allows the government to step in to prevent the broadcasting of indecent or obscene material over so-called publically accessible airwaves, than some in the legal profession might interpret that to mean certain parts of the Internet as well.

On the other hand, if the court says the government doesn’t have the right to filter network television, it’s not likely that things will change anytime soon anyway. As the Report correctly points out, advertisers hold the keys to that kingdom. If they feel content in a show they sponsor will hurt them, they will refuse to sponsor them, and that will make whatever the court has to say rather moot.

There is the possibility that there might be some middle ground as well. With the networks fighting what they see as an uphill battle against cable channels that are free to air whatever they wish, they will be fighting hard for more freedom to choose what they air, which could result in a more obvious dividing line between prime-time fare, and stuff that is allowed after hours. In such cases, it’s likely filtering children from such content will fall to parents, who thus far, have proven to be less than diligent.

What’s still unclear is how such a decision might affect viewers. If the court comes down on the side of filtering, than not much will change. But if things go the other way and swearing suddenly starts cropping up in certain television shows, will viewers complain or stop watching, or simply go along with the change. Clearly no one can say for sure, but after the court hands down its decision, we’ll no doubt find out.…

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24 Hour Fine Arts-Classic Arts Showcase Network

Classic Arts Showcase


Going to the theater or concert is a real perk for those who have access to these things, but in some communities these are just a television screen away. With so many major cities that host theater and concerts many are fortunate if they can get to something like this. With the adjustment in ticket prices many city dwellers are in fact taking advantage of going to the theater a lot more. Many rural communities don’t have community theater or concert shows that come through their towns unless it’s a big event like the state or county fair. For those who have cable and satellite services in rural communities and depending on who is the carrier they can access a 24-hour channel called the Classic Arts Showcase network. It was a man by the name of Lloyd E. Rigler, who had a long time love for performing arts and had saw the decline of attendance for fine arts shows with the increase in ticket sales to where the current generation wasnt getting the exposure to the arts and no access to arts-related activities to go on.

The Classic Arts Showcase network was launched in May 1994 and has become available in more than 50 million homes. This was brought at no cost to viewers and has no advertising of any kind and this was following in line with Rigler’s vision of wanting to expose the unexposed to a world of music, dance, and concerts from musicians only known to those who are frequent concert goers. Rigler, began his career in music when he was head of RCA record’s guest relations at the New York world’s fair in the 40s and later took on the role as a promotion specialist. Rigler had temporarily left his position in the music industry when he went into the military during World War II and later went into buisness where he had met his long time buisness partner and friend Lawrence E. Deutsch while working as a broker in the food industry.

It was at that time that Rigler and Deustch had discovered what is now known as Adolph’s meat tenderizer which was created by a Los Angeles-based restaurant owner Adolph Rempp. The product was sold to Cheseborough-Ponds (company responsible for making Pond’s face cream and Vasoline petroleum jelly) in the early 1970s. It later became a part of Unilever Inc. With the financial success of selling Adolph’s meat tenderizer both Rigler and Deustch had turned their attention to philanthropy and supporting the fine arts at a time where this was only something the wealthy and privileged had done with their wealth. Rigler and Deutsch had built relationships with many fine arts organizations and performing arts companies around the country not as donors, but actually holding seats on their executive and financial boards.

Deutsch was an assistant to the artistic director of the New York City Opera and had a hand in bringing known opera performers such as Beverly Sills, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras (who would later perform with Luciano Pavaratti as the ‘Three Tenors’), Samuel Ramey, and Catherine Malitfitano, and many others. It was Rigler and Deutsch who also helped found the Los Angeles Music Center and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. Rigler, who never married or had children was a 1939 graduate of the University of Illinois. Deutsch, who never married or had children left his estate to the foundation that he and his partner Lloyd Rigler started. In accordance with Rigler’s wishes before he passed in 2003 he funded the Classic Arts Showcase network to run up to through 2022 which is 8 years away. This network is picked up by stations all over the country and many should consider sponsoring this network to keep it going for years to come and to keep the work of one man’s vision bringing the arts to the masses alive and well.

The network shows clips of dance footage with performers like Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rudoph Nureyev from their early days as principal dancers doing shows like the Nutcracker Ballet and other shows for countless ballet and theater companies. It also shows footage of jazz and blues acts as well many that the general public hasnt really seen since you would have to travel to that part of the world to catch them. The Classic Arts Showcase network has a website you can check out and even consider them as one to patronize if you love the fine arts as much as Lloyd Rigler did spending his entire working career creating something for generations to continue enjoying. You can log on to the Classic Arts Network website at and find out how you can continue to support the work of a man who shared his passion for the arts with the world.…

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Express Shopping Network Suffers During Transition

Mott-transition-based RRAM - ScienceDirect



After the reversal of the Express Shopping Network (ESN : ACE) Secondary Public Offering in December, the future was in flux as CEO Stray Underwood looked for alternatives to the once ambitious but languishing Heads-Up Display retail system that had been in the development stages.

On January 13, 2009, Underwood made a statement relative to the ACE Crisis, stating, “As should be known to investors, this company still holds no assets. We have no money, no income, no expenses. Right now the only thing paying to keep this company alive is me. My money outside of ACE is paying for the development of the HUD. I am now holding a vote in the ESN forum to figure out the coming steps.”

The original vote was to the effect of which exchange ESN(ACE) was to relist at, and ISE seemed to be the frontrunner of the three possible candidates, with 12 votes, and SLCAPEX getting 4 votes and VSTEX receiving 1.

Then, on the 15th, Stray Underwood stepped down as CEO, stating in the official press release, “It has been over 8 months since I started working on ESN. I took on the shell company to help the investors, and try to get them back to a profit situation, and to help ACE save a listing. I thought helping Intlibber and ACE would be a good thing, because there is no better situation then being able to help people and make money at the same time.”

“The only stipulation I had on taking over ESN was that BnT would develop the system for the Hud, when agreed they would I had developed a website and many objects/reading had them translated into 5 languages all based on what BnT said they were doing. Then after a stop in communication, then being given many different reasons as to why nothing was being done and the reverse of the SPO I now sit at a personal loss of over $700 USD.”

“This loss is a direct effect of BnT not producing what they said they would, and being continually told things were moving forward.”

“Everything to date paid for out of my own pocket is garbage, and I am not willing to pay for the development and new content and website out of my own pocket. Effective as of posting I am stepping down as CEO of Express Shopping Network.”

Underwood then also added, “I will now fade back to being an investor, and my main holding will continue to be ESN, I will do my best to help the new CEO get up to date, and help on what ever I can, as I still hold just under 300k shares. Thank you to everyone that worked with me on this, trying to help a lost company turn around, but for such a venture to work, everyone needed to do what they had said. Sadly the most important did not and was not truthful about the situation. I am sorry I was unable to help turn this company around, but I am no longer going to fund it.”

ESN is currently halted from open market trading while a meeting is arranged and a going forward plan is realized among the current shareholders. Whether a new CEO and business plan will come out, or if the company will be permanently delisted, is still uncertain.…

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Gaming Social Network Service Raptr Goes Live

Apps Like Raptr – Social Networking Platform for Gamers – Just Alternative  To


Move over, Xfire. Make way, Steam. There’s a new instant messenger designed just for gamers. After more than 2 years in beta, gaming social networking service Raptr has stepped onto the scene. This service allows you to see what games your friends are playing, and contact them from within the game – even if you’re playing something else, or nothing at all. While this may sound exactly like what longtime gaming instant messenger service Xfire has to offer, hold onto your controller.

For a long time, the main drawback of Xfire was the fact that your buddies needed to be on Xfire for you to chat across different games. Between not wanting to join another instant messaging service and Xfire’s incompatibility with some computer combinations, friends fell through the cracks. This issue was later addressed, and Xfire now also allows you to chat with friends on Windows Live and AIM. PC platform Steam also offers a community chat function, but this was only for communication across games on the Steam network.

Raptr goes above and beyond its two greatest competitors by allowing gamers several ways to contact their friends. Raptr not only supports integration for the “big 3” of instant messengers (AIM, Yahoo! and MSN/Windows Live), they also support Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk and ICQ. Last but not least, Raptr integrates with Xfire and Steam – poising them to wipe out their fiercest competition. And iPhone users? Yeah, there’s an app for that.

Unlike Xfire and Steam, Raptr also works across several gaming platforms. Not only is it compatible with PC, the client also works for Mac (no delay here, folks), Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360’s Xbox Live. All of this is achieved whether your friends are logged in to Raptr or not. If your buddy loads up a flash game in their browser, you’re going to know about it – and be able to pester her while she plays. In addition to all the ways to connect outside the service, Raptr offers forums on their site and a “comprehensive gaming profile” to track your trophies and achievements. Bragging rights, anyone?

With the wide range of ways to keep in touch with your fellow fraggers, it’s easy to see why Raptr is touting itself as “The Ultimate Gaming App.” But how much is too much? Of the crop of articles written about the service’s official launch this week, several comments left by readers suggested that Raptr may not be something the gaming community is interested in. Twitter users report that it’s annoying having Raptr chats overloading their streams of incoming tweets. Many gamers have also voiced annoyance at Raptr making games temporarily lock up – which can be a life-or-death situation, depending on the game you’re playing. Last but not least, do you want to be bothered by everyone and their mom while you’re trying to get your game on?

Raptr may be the way to go if you spend all your time gaming and have lost contact with your social network. It may also be a way to track down your favorite gamer when you know they won’t be logged in anywhere but their favorite game. Time will tell if Raptr becomes the gaming world’s communication platform of choice.



Kat Bailey. “Gaming Social Network Raptr Concludes Beta, Launches Version 1.0.” 1UP.

Beau Hindman. “Massively Talks With Raptr’s Dennis Fong.” Massively.

Jason Kincaid. “Raptr Leaves Beta, Makes It Easier To See Which Games Your Friends Are Playing.” TechCrunch.…

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Improve Your Google Search Ranking: Free, Quick and Easy Ways

The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Google Rankings Without Getting Penalized

As most people know, Google is the biggest and most widely used search engine online.

Most people’s first port of call, when searching for anything from virtual assistants to antiques, is to quickly type what they are looking for into Google.

Whilst Google is a very effective way of advertising, it also poses a problem: With the amount of people that submit their site to Google, how do you get ranked anywhere near the first few pages without it costing the earth in advertising fees?

I then stumbled across a FREE solution to this problem. Whilst this technique will only gain you high ranking locally within your own city, it will still drive traffic to your site, subsequently improving your overall Google ranking.

The solution to this is Google Maps. I added my website and all my information to Google Maps, which is free, and within 24hrs I had appeared on the first page of my Google search for Virtual Assistants.

As I am roughly the only person in my area of this occupation, I was ranked top. If you have a more popular occupation for example ‘florist’ you may not be ranked in the information on the right hand side of the map of your local area, but you will still be on the map as a pin, so people only have to scroll their cursor over you and all of your information will pop up for them to see.

Firstly all you have to do is go to Google Maps.
– Click on ‘put your business on Google maps’.
– If you have not signed up to Google, do so on the page displayed, don’t worry it only takes a second and is completely free, otherwise, log-in to your account.
– Then click ‘add listing’ and fill in all of your information, I feel the more information you have for people to read, the more appealing it is at first glance as they get to know a lot more.
– Then click next, confirm your information and the position of your pin on the map.
– You will be asked to confirm that you are legit with a pin that can be sent to the phone number you have supplied either by automated phone call or text.
– If you have not provided a contact number then you are sent a pin via post, this will obviously take much longer to get listed, so it is better to supply a number for people to contact you on.
– Once you have received your pin, this takes a minute or two, you submit it and Voila! You have your Google Maps listing. It will normally be active within 24hrs, simple!

This is a fantastic way to advertise locally, for free, and it only takes a matter of minutes to do!
It will improve traffic to your website, list you on the first Google search page of any person locally looking for your criteria and can help to improve your overall Google ranking.




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Friday Reflection: Is Technology Spoiling Us?

Technology is Ruining Humanity.. My name is Rishabh Singh. I am a… | by  Rishabh Singh | The Startup | Medium

Remember the days before cell phones and the Internet?  Today, most of us can’t even fathom the thought of not being able to go 10 minutes without checking our Twitter accounts or Facebook profiles from our Blackberry or other cellular devices.  A few years ago, when I was taking classes at Duke University, I remember walking through the student center where the restaurants were, and while I was waiting for my food order to be called, I checked my email at one of the computer stations that were located right next to the eating area.   I remember thinking (even back then) about how far we’d come in such little time!  Why, when I first started college as an undergraduate back in 2000, I recall what a major ordeal it was for me to go with my dad to pick out my very first computer to take with me to college.  Most students didn’t even have computers of their own back then! Now, if you don’t have your own laptop computer, you’re considered somewhat of a pariah, but I digress…

When Will We Be Satisfied?

When I was in high school, cell phones hadn’t quite burst onto the scene yet- they were still something that only a few people had in their cars.  You may remember these “car phones“.  Instead, we had beepers- and though they weren’t allowed at my school, we’d still sneak them in and use the payphone to beep one another.  My, how times have changed.  Now, the language has shifted from rotary phones and cassette players to touchscreens and iPods.  From the budding Internet days to the blossoming blogosphere…words such as social media, blogging and Internet marketing have supplanted those old terms and are being tossed around to create this heaping, delicious technological salad which future generations will feed off of to become more technologically savvy than ever!

It’s not enough that the television was invented, but rather- we are excited about being able to DVR our favorite shows so that when we come home we can fast forward through the commercials without having to deal with the hassle of an “old fashioned” VHS tape (do those even still exist?).  And then on top of that, many of us don’t even bother with the television anymore.  Instead, we get excited that we can now watch our favorite movies for free on YouTube or Hulu!…

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Establishing a Professional Connection with Corporate Leaders through Social Media

Social media has eliminated communication barriers in the corporate world. People who were at one time regarded as unapproachable can now be easily contacted and engaged online through social networking sites. Because social media promotes a certain level of transparency, people in all professional levels do their best to promote themselves in the best manner possible. They establish social networking pages and include qualifications and professional summaries to show that they have the business experience that potential clients look for. The shahram shirkhani profile on LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent example of a well put together webpage.

Building a profile on social media sites has proven to be a relatively easy undertaking, in fact. The social networking site shows people how to set up their accounts and provide the right amount of details about themselves and their work experience. Building a profile begins with members of the site providing their full names and their professional title or position. They also can list the company or firm for which they work or own. Along with these basic details, people can also provide a description for the type of services or products that their company provides. They can likewise include the company’s web address if they prefer.

The next part of their social media profile calls for members to go into more detail about where they obtained their training and what professional or volunteer positions they have held. They can also provide information about any academic or professional committees in which they participate. The final section of their profile can include any special skills or certifications that they possess that may be of interest to their social media followers or potential clients. Once their profile is finished, it will look very similar to a professional resume. In fact, some people link their online resumes to their social media accounts.

It is important to note that only members of the social networking site can see a member’s full profile. Someone who wants to research a company or scout for new employees must sign up for an account on that site. Signing up for social networking accounts is relatively easy to do and also does not cost money for basic account privileges. Once they are members of the site, people can then begin linking their own accounts to people whom they wish to follow and engage with online.

Social media sites that focus on promoting professional connections encourage members to build networks with others who share the same corporate skills and goals. For example, someone who wants to retain an international lawyer to represent him or her in the Middle East may also find it convenient to connect with other members of the lawyer’s firm. This person also may connect with followers who have retained this lawyer’s services in the past. These connections allow the potential client to have access to information that could come in handy for his or her international business matter. The person can ask the other followers questions about the lawyer’s expertise, for example.

Social networking makes it easier for people to engage with business professionals who could help them with a variety of corporate or legal matters. These websites make it easier for potential clients to do research and ask questions of people who otherwise could be difficult to contact.…

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7 Factors to Look for When Choosing an IT Managed Services Provider

No matter the size of your business, finding ways to save both time and money can significantly improve your operational efficiency and bottom line. This is why many businesses choose outsourcing, since not only does it save time and money, but it also ensures high-quality services provided by experts in their fields and it greatly eliminates the risk of error.

IT managed services are the best services to outsource, as running your IT infrastructure in-house and managing your in-house IT team can be very time-consuming, overwhelming, and expensive. Finding experts to do it for you is a solution that can provide you with lots of benefits and enable you to focus on your core competencies.

However, choosing the right IT managed services provider can be a bit challenging, but you can make a smart decision if you take the following factors into consideration.

Longevity and Reputation 

How long has a potential provider been operating in their field of business? What does their reputation say about the company? Research on this matter by looking into the provider’s customer reviews and testimonials, as well as their financial track record. Find a professional with ample experience and make sure you can be real partners with aligned goals. 


Your computer network works 24/7, no matter your business hours, which is why you need to make sure that your IT managed services provider also works 24/7, 365 days a year. Unfortunately, not every IT managed services provider offers 24/7 support, so it is of the utmost importance that you find one who does.

What if some issues arise in the middle of the night? Your provider should be available to fix any problem and meet all your IT needs, so that your business never gets disrupted. 

Remote and On-Site Support 

Remote and on-site support is crucial for your IT. Remote support is something that every IT managed services provider offers, but what about on-site IT support? In case you happen to require on-site assistance, would your potential vendor be available to you?

This is a very important thing to look out for, which is why you should factor location into your decision. Make sure that your chosen vendor can quickly make a visit when needed. Speaking of which, they should provide regular on-site visits to make sure that your equipment is working properly. 

Fast Service and Response Time 

How long it takes for an IT managed services technician to respond when you ask for support for fixing a particular problem is also of immense importance. Your business would suffer great consequences if you have to wait for days for your provider to fix a potential issue.

This is why fast service and response time is paramount, which is something you can check with your desired provider, as well as with their current and previous customers. 

Data Backups and Data Recovery 

Data backup and data recovery are extremely important for your IT infrastructure and your overall business. You need to make sure that your IT managed services vendor provides regular, daily, automatic backups on one or more remote servers, so that all your data can stay safe and secure at all times.

Check whether or not they have proper data recovery processes in place, so that you can retrieve all your data in case any kind of data loss takes place. 

High Level of Security

Although all of these factors bear great significance when choosing an IT managed services provider, security is perhaps the most important one to have in mind. After all, you don’t want your sensitive data to be stolen and fall into the wrong hands, do you?

Hackers and other cybercriminals are lurking around every corner, so ensure that your provider has a very high level of security to protect your computer network against potential cyber attacks.

You too can evaluate the health of your IT environment and ensure that your critical data always remains safe not only from hackers, but also from human error and any other potential disasters. There’s a Fit Check Calculator that you can use, as it can help you check your data vulnerability and assess any potential security risk. 

Proactive System Monitoring 

One of the common mistakes that some IT managed services providers make is fixing IT problems only after they occur. What you should take the time to find is someone who will proactively monitor your IT systems to make sure that any potential issue is dealt with before it even occurs and causes other costly problems.

There are plenty of benefits of IT outsourcing but finding the right IT managed services provider is what makes all the difference. If you choose wrong, you won’t experience the benefits and you will only hurt your business, so be sure to keep all the aforementioned factors in mind in order to make a smart decision and choose a partner that will contribute to the success of your organization.…

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Is your network boiling or lukewarm?

About a year ago I was introduced to a concept by a business coach, Bill Davis of Team Nimbus ( 919-539-3786). Bill talk to us about the difference between what he called a 212 degree relationship and a 211 degree relationship.

He asked what you could do with water that was 211 degrees. The answers varied from make a cut of coffee to a cup of hot chocolate. Then he asked what you could do with water that was 212 degrees.  The answer was move a ship across the ocean or power an electrical plant.

That one little degree is the difference between hot water and boiling water. Steam can power electrical plants or turn turbines to move ships.

It didn’t matter how much or how many containers of 211 degree water you had, you could not do what you could with a much smaller amount of 212 degree water.

Bill then told us to relate that to our relationships with our networking partners. He said that you can’t do with ten 211 degree partners what you can do with just one 212 degree partner.

He defined a 212 degree partner as someone who really knew what would make a great referral for you and someone that you knew the same about them. Also the 212 degree partner knew who would make a bad referral for you. The 212 degree partner actively looked for ways to send business your way and knew how because the two of you worked together to come up with those ways.

It’s great to build the size of your network, but, don’t forget about the quality. A few people who really know you and your business will help you much more than 20 that just know your name.

Do you want to power an electrical plant or have a cup of coffee?…

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A Look at the Main Advantages of a Private Security Guard Service for Your Business

Benefits of private security guards in the business by Executive Protection  Institute - issuu

For any type of business, security is of paramount importance. You want your business to be secure at all times so your assets are well-protected. But if you are thinking of beefing up your business security, one solution comes to mind: a private security guard service.

When you hire a private security guard service for your business premises, you can take advantage of a plethora of benefits indeed. Let’s take a closer look at some of the major benefits to be had from having your own security guard in your business property:

A quicker, better emergency response time

With your own private security guard, you can benefit from a quicker response time to any emergency. This is better than waiting for the local police to go to your premises if there is any alarm or issue. If you have a retail business, for example, and you have a customer who is unruly, it can be difficult to handle this customer if you do not have a security guard. You would have to call in the police, who might take more than ten minutes to arrive. But with your own security guard, the situation could be quickly handled and assuaged.

Round-the-clock protection

Without a doubt, with your own private security guard, your business can benefit from round-the-clock protection. This comes especially handy if you have valuable items in your premises, whether it’s confidential records, financial statements, cash, and other assets. You can also enlist the services of a private security guard if you have any executives who may need protection whilst they are visiting your location or whilst they are transporting valuable goods from one point to another.

Relevant, professional training

If you enlist the services of a reliable and established security firm, such as security companies in Oxfordshire like, you have the assurance of professionally-trained security personnel who are adept at certain security standards, such as the British Standard 7499, which is the code of practice for static guarding, mobile patrol, and key holding services. What this means is that if there ever is a situation, it will be dealt with according to the proper standards every time.

Additional security services

With the help of a security firm, you can also make use of other value-added services that offer additional protection to your business property, such as remote monitoring, key holding, and emergency alarm response.

Effective deterrence

Having a security guard on your premises also proves to be a good and effective deterrent to criminal elements. Just the mere fact that the security guard is walking around in your premises or guarding your main gate or entryway is enough to deter any criminal, who often looks for the easiest access to a property.


Enlisting a private security guard from a security firm is much less expensive than hiring and training your own security personnel, as you have to consider their employee salary, benefits, health insurance, and the like. And what would happen if your own security guard decides to quit after only a few months? Then you would have to go through the entire hiring and training process once again.

But with a private security guard service, you do not have to worry about all these details – you can save not only money, but your time and effort as well. Just make sure that the security firm you hire offers good conditions of employment, so the security guards they provide are not only capable, but happy and more than willing to do a good job as well.…

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