3 Ways to Market Your Business Online That are Still Effective Today

Marketing online keeps changing and evolving as old strategies no longer work and new replacements are devised to try a streamlined approach. For business owners, it’s difficult to keep current with the adjustments to marketing that will work in the current climate.

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Here are three ways to market your business that are still working well and should continue to do so into 2018.

Pay-per-click Advertising

Paid advertising across several advertising networks like Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and others offers an excellent opportunity to drive new traffic to a site. Unless you are already well experienced with drafting an advertising plan, creating a series of adverts, launching a campaign, and adjusting as the results of the marketing plan become evident, it’s very easy to lose a ton of money trying out ads that don’t deliver what you’re looking for.

For many business owners, they’re better off seeking out a specialist in advertising placement and management like this SEO Marketing agency in Orange County. You can learn from what they’re doing for you and you’re much more likely to see profitable advertising plans because that’s their job now.

Guest Posting

The idea of guest posting is creating good relationships with fellow businesses and bloggers, and later offering to pen a guest post for free that gets published on their site. The post must be high-quality and relevant to their business and customers rather than your own. Somewhere within the article will be an in-line outbound link from their website to your own, which helps to rank higher for the search term that’s used in the link.

The mistake that many people make is acquiring a link that doesn’t offer the benefit of both driving natural traffic to your site and creating a solid impression with their readership that you’re a person or brand they can a) trust and b) investigate further.

Infographic Marketing

An infographic is long, slim graphical static presentation that takes facts and figures about a subject or industry and presents it in a visually appealing manner that’s easy to digest. For other bloggers and companies that are writing about similar topics, having access to a professionally-designed infographic saves them the time and money to organize one themselves.

Usually, it’s customary to link back to the originator of the infographic, so the more sites in your industry publish the infographic, the greater number of links are likely to be created. It’s also possible to perform a search about 1-2 months after the infographic is made available to follow-up with sites that have published it but neglected to link back. Quite often, the polite prompt to add a link back to the creator is enough to encourage it, but not every site will do so, which is okay too.

There are many new approaches to online marketing that get tried and fall quickly by the wayside. Guest posting and pay-per-click advertising have been around for several years and are still effective. Infographics partly used as a marketing tool – plus they’re good to put in your own posts – is a newer strategy that has proven very effective.

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