5-Year-Olds, Sales and Marketing: Learning a Lesson from Your Children

Teach Your Kids Good Money Habits – Forbes AdvisorPeople think that advertising has to do with sales. It doesn’t. Advertising is an aspect of Marketing which, in turn, helps drive sales by getting people interested in a specific product. TV advertising takes this to a whole new level when addressing children. It actually, in my opinion, turns your children into a sales force – a very, very effective sales force. All too often, people don’t consider that the little ones are also part of the whole product cycle.

For those of you that have children, I’m sure you can relate. You’re watching Barney, the Power Rangers, Buzz Lightyear or any other cartoon (pick your kid’s favorite TV show) with your child and suddenly, there’s an ad. A really really cool remote control car races across the screen, plowing throw dirt piles, jumping puddles and otherwise being amazing. Your child looks at you and goes “Daddy?” They don’t need to say anything else, simply turning their eyes to you with the puppy dog eyes perfected from birth. For those that don’t have children, Shrek 2’s cat “Puss in Boots” epitomizes the look.

Are children actually the company’s sales force? Not directly, but indirectly they certainly are. Using an existing medium such as TV to reach this untapped power, the marketing teams know what it takes to entice a child. Granted, a child is easier to entice than an adult in most cases, but there are advertisements that create a true call to action. These advertisements get your attention and then you become the sales person – even if you’re selling to yourself. “Can I really afford the new software?” “Should I really buy that truck?” “That was an interesting looking game. Maybe I should see if I can buy it.” All of these are internal wrestling matches that occur.

Marketers – focus on creating your call to action and let the client become their own salesperson. Your sales team can then simply ‘help’ them over the edge by ensuring that the technical fit is right and the need is appropriate. Think about how to reach your target group and grab their attention. Make them WANT to call you and talk to you. Not later. Now.

Look at your children, see what it is that they help foster within you when they look at you and go “Daddy?” (or Mommy?, as the case may be). Identify a similar capability in your product and focus on drawing attention to it.

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