Does Your Business Need a Podcast?

Podcasting could be a tool to spark growth in your business. Here is an overview of what podcasting is, why it is great for business, and tips for starting out.

What is podcasting?

Simply put, a podcast is audio content. Some podcast shows may seem similar to a radio show – you can find podcasts where one or more people discuss ideas or events, for example. Unlike a radio show, all you need is some basic computer equipment and an internet connection to make one.

You don’t have to live in a certain area or tune in at a specific time to listen to a podcast, either. Instead, you download episodes from the Internet to a media device, like an iPod, and listen to them on demand.

How can it help your business?

Podcasting can help your business expand its reach online. Good podcasts offer useful, interesting content, which can pay off for the business generating them. Done well, a podcast can heighten awareness of your brand, help you develop connections with customers, reinforce your role as an expert in your field, and drive listeners to your website.

3 Tips for getting started

  1. Consider your audience. Who do you think will download your podcasts? What are their needs and interests? Then, think about which topics you are most passionate about sharing. Hopefully, you will find at least a handful of subjects that you would be excited to share and that your audience will love. Those topics should serve as the foundation of your show.
  2. Buy a quality microphone. You don’t have to splurge on the best one in the industry, just something that captures audio clearly. Podcasts filled with volume fluctuations and static not only sound unprofessional, but these distractions also make listening to your show difficult. Few listeners will download multiple episodes of barely audible content.
  3. Ensure you have enough time to produce shows regularly – daily, every few days, or weekly is ideal. Plan a schedule and stick to it. Listeners are more likely to return if content is fresh and available at regular intervals.

Podcasting is yet another weapon in a business’s digital marketing arsenal. Creating informative podcasts regularly can improve the visibility and reputation of your business, while helping develop connections with customers.

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