How do market research by surveying

It is important for any entrepreneur get to know the market you want to target. But above all, know what they want their potential customers. For companies that use the famous market research.

Tools that aim to better understand the needs of our customers and their problems so that we can act accordingly. Market studies are therefore facing very helpful in defining the characteristics of good business for our idea, but in turn are difficult to carry out, especially if you do not have a good budget.

Today, however, I will not get into how to do market research, for that you need to read this article, My goal with this post is to give you some guidelines for you to be able to design your own, a good survey for your market research . Beside this you can take a professional survey service. click here for your survey.

Basic elements to be considered for the survey of your market research

  • Let us be practical, the most important market research is to make a good questionnaire and selecting a good sample to which direct our questions.
  • Why? Because both depend on the quality of our study.
  • And we want to study quality is high so that the information is relevant and take good decisions with that information.
  • What happens is that we are not entrepreneurs and experts in surveys, questionnaires and market research.

So … here are some items to consider for your survey:

  • Make an exploratory testing session of your idea:First of all ask a group of 8-12 people who seem them your idea. This way you can meet other points of view and consider ways in which you had not fallen before making your inquiry.
  • Well prepared fieldwork:Objective and target customers. That is define the group of people whom you are sending your questionnaire for market research well. Not the same ladies ask 65 that a young man of 14 years of video games.
  • How many people have to interview:As a minimum you need to get 40 responses from a sample universe to consider valid or robust any conclusion drawn from the analysis of the results of your survey. Although there may be exceptions.
  • As I perform the questionnaire:it is advisable to consider one of these techniques to collect information: telephone interview, personal interview, online survey, focus groups, surveys, market test … etc.
  • Properly design your questionnaireis vital to design a good questionnaire. it will depend largely on the quality of market research.
  • Analyzes the results obtained with the questionnaireafter obtaining the answers is essential to analyze the results with a statistical tool.

From all these points most relevant to our entry today is to design a good questionnaire. Let’s see this point more deeply do you think?

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