Improve Your Google Search Ranking: Free, Quick and Easy Ways

The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Google Rankings Without Getting Penalized

As most people know, Google is the biggest and most widely used search engine online.

Most people’s first port of call, when searching for anything from virtual assistants to antiques, is to quickly type what they are looking for into Google.

Whilst Google is a very effective way of advertising, it also poses a problem: With the amount of people that submit their site to Google, how do you get ranked anywhere near the first few pages without it costing the earth in advertising fees?

I then stumbled across a FREE solution to this problem. Whilst this technique will only gain you high ranking locally within your own city, it will still drive traffic to your site, subsequently improving your overall Google ranking.

The solution to this is Google Maps. I added my website and all my information to Google Maps, which is free, and within 24hrs I had appeared on the first page of my Google search for Virtual Assistants.

As I am roughly the only person in my area of this occupation, I was ranked top. If you have a more popular occupation for example ‘florist’ you may not be ranked in the information on the right hand side of the map of your local area, but you will still be on the map as a pin, so people only have to scroll their cursor over you and all of your information will pop up for them to see.

Firstly all you have to do is go to Google Maps.
– Click on ‘put your business on Google maps’.
– If you have not signed up to Google, do so on the page displayed, don’t worry it only takes a second and is completely free, otherwise, log-in to your account.
– Then click ‘add listing’ and fill in all of your information, I feel the more information you have for people to read, the more appealing it is at first glance as they get to know a lot more.
– Then click next, confirm your information and the position of your pin on the map.
– You will be asked to confirm that you are legit with a pin that can be sent to the phone number you have supplied either by automated phone call or text.
– If you have not provided a contact number then you are sent a pin via post, this will obviously take much longer to get listed, so it is better to supply a number for people to contact you on.
– Once you have received your pin, this takes a minute or two, you submit it and Voila! You have your Google Maps listing. It will normally be active within 24hrs, simple!

This is a fantastic way to advertise locally, for free, and it only takes a matter of minutes to do!
It will improve traffic to your website, list you on the first Google search page of any person locally looking for your criteria and can help to improve your overall Google ranking.




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