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First of all do not let your self be intimidated by the person on he other end of the phone. When making calls to people you will reach many people who are just having a bad day. Many times the person on the other end is cutting you short because their time is very valuable. Listen to them and what they have to say; Remember it isn’t you they are rejecting. When your potential customer answers the phone, and you start your introduction never just keep talking, and not let them say anything, This can be your biggest mistake. If you drown them out and act as if you don’t care a hang up will surely come your way and quick.

Telemarketing can be very trying and frustrating but only if you let it. Depending on the type of telemarketing calls your making. Selling can be a little more frustrating especially if your working for a company that has a goal you must meet. When you pick up the telephone and start dialing forget your goals and enjoy what you are doing. After all You’re getting paid to talk. Once you do this you will find telemarketing a lot less frustrating and much more enjoyable. Truly some of the people you talk to will absolutely make your day.

Be consistent when you have a hang up or rude person, just take a deep breath and make your next call. Never let one rude customer have an effect on your next call. Keep in mind he or she is only human and may be having a bad day. The more calls you make the more success you’ll see.

Read up and study the product you’re marketing The more you know the more comfortable you’ll feel with your customer. If there is something you are unsure of and you are new at this don’t be afraid to let the customer know. You will be surprised at how understanding they will be at you’re being honest. After all, none of us know everything.

Realize not all calls are going to be successful, simply because not everyone is going to want the product or service you’ re offering. It doesn’t matter what your product, or how much it may be needed. There are simply those who will not want what you are selling even when he or she may need or want it. Our economy today is having a financial effect on many and no matter the good deal you may be offering, there will be those who simply cannot afford your product at this time . Be understanding and let them know you will give them a call in the future. After all there is a big world of customers out there. Be polite and courteous leaving a open door for a future call.


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