A Look at the Main Advantages of a Private Security Guard Service for Your Business

Benefits of private security guards in the business by Executive Protection  Institute - issuu

For any type of business, security is of paramount importance. You want your business to be secure at all times so your assets are well-protected. But if you are thinking of beefing up your business security, one solution comes to mind: a private security guard service.

When you hire a private security guard service for your business premises, you can take advantage of a plethora of benefits indeed. Let’s take a closer look at some of the major benefits to be had from having your own security guard in your business property:

A quicker, better emergency response time

With your own private security guard, you can benefit from a quicker response time to any emergency. This is better than waiting for the local police to go to your premises if there is any alarm or issue. If you have a retail business, for example, and you have a customer who is unruly, it can be difficult to handle this customer if you do not have a security guard. You would have to call in the police, who might take more than ten minutes to arrive. But with your own security guard, the situation could be quickly handled and assuaged.

Round-the-clock protection

Without a doubt, with your own private security guard, your business can benefit from round-the-clock protection. This comes especially handy if you have valuable items in your premises, whether it’s confidential records, financial statements, cash, and other assets. You can also enlist the services of a private security guard if you have any executives who may need protection whilst they are visiting your location or whilst they are transporting valuable goods from one point to another.

Relevant, professional training

If you enlist the services of a reliable and established security firm, such as security companies in Oxfordshire like Securipol.net, you have the assurance of professionally-trained security personnel who are adept at certain security standards, such as the British Standard 7499, which is the code of practice for static guarding, mobile patrol, and key holding services. What this means is that if there ever is a situation, it will be dealt with according to the proper standards every time.

Additional security services

With the help of a security firm, you can also make use of other value-added services that offer additional protection to your business property, such as remote monitoring, key holding, and emergency alarm response.

Effective deterrence

Having a security guard on your premises also proves to be a good and effective deterrent to criminal elements. Just the mere fact that the security guard is walking around in your premises or guarding your main gate or entryway is enough to deter any criminal, who often looks for the easiest access to a property.


Enlisting a private security guard from a security firm is much less expensive than hiring and training your own security personnel, as you have to consider their employee salary, benefits, health insurance, and the like. And what would happen if your own security guard decides to quit after only a few months? Then you would have to go through the entire hiring and training process once again.

But with a private security guard service, you do not have to worry about all these details – you can save not only money, but your time and effort as well. Just make sure that the security firm you hire offers good conditions of employment, so the security guards they provide are not only capable, but happy and more than willing to do a good job as well.

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