Establishing a Professional Connection with Corporate Leaders through Social Media

Social media has eliminated communication barriers in the corporate world. People who were at one time regarded as unapproachable can now be easily contacted and engaged online through social networking sites. Because social media promotes a certain level of transparency, people in all professional levels do their best to promote themselves in the best manner possible. They establish social networking pages and include qualifications and professional summaries to show that they have the business experience that potential clients look for. The shahram shirkhani profile on LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent example of a well put together webpage.

Building a profile on social media sites has proven to be a relatively easy undertaking, in fact. The social networking site shows people how to set up their accounts and provide the right amount of details about themselves and their work experience. Building a profile begins with members of the site providing their full names and their professional title or position. They also can list the company or firm for which they work or own. Along with these basic details, people can also provide a description for the type of services or products that their company provides. They can likewise include the company’s web address if they prefer.

The next part of their social media profile calls for members to go into more detail about where they obtained their training and what professional or volunteer positions they have held. They can also provide information about any academic or professional committees in which they participate. The final section of their profile can include any special skills or certifications that they possess that may be of interest to their social media followers or potential clients. Once their profile is finished, it will look very similar to a professional resume. In fact, some people link their online resumes to their social media accounts.

It is important to note that only members of the social networking site can see a member’s full profile. Someone who wants to research a company or scout for new employees must sign up for an account on that site. Signing up for social networking accounts is relatively easy to do and also does not cost money for basic account privileges. Once they are members of the site, people can then begin linking their own accounts to people whom they wish to follow and engage with online.

Social media sites that focus on promoting professional connections encourage members to build networks with others who share the same corporate skills and goals. For example, someone who wants to retain an international lawyer to represent him or her in the Middle East may also find it convenient to connect with other members of the lawyer’s firm. This person also may connect with followers who have retained this lawyer’s services in the past. These connections allow the potential client to have access to information that could come in handy for his or her international business matter. The person can ask the other followers questions about the lawyer’s expertise, for example.

Social networking makes it easier for people to engage with business professionals who could help them with a variety of corporate or legal matters. These websites make it easier for potential clients to do research and ask questions of people who otherwise could be difficult to contact.

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