Friday Reflection: Is Technology Spoiling Us?

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Remember the days before cell phones and the Internet?  Today, most of us can’t even fathom the thought of not being able to go 10 minutes without checking our Twitter accounts or Facebook profiles from our Blackberry or other cellular devices.  A few years ago, when I was taking classes at Duke University, I remember walking through the student center where the restaurants were, and while I was waiting for my food order to be called, I checked my email at one of the computer stations that were located right next to the eating area.   I remember thinking (even back then) about how far we’d come in such little time!  Why, when I first started college as an undergraduate back in 2000, I recall what a major ordeal it was for me to go with my dad to pick out my very first computer to take with me to college.  Most students didn’t even have computers of their own back then! Now, if you don’t have your own laptop computer, you’re considered somewhat of a pariah, but I digress…

When Will We Be Satisfied?

When I was in high school, cell phones hadn’t quite burst onto the scene yet- they were still something that only a few people had in their cars.  You may remember these “car phones“.  Instead, we had beepers- and though they weren’t allowed at my school, we’d still sneak them in and use the payphone to beep one another.  My, how times have changed.  Now, the language has shifted from rotary phones and cassette players to touchscreens and iPods.  From the budding Internet days to the blossoming blogosphere…words such as social media, blogging and Internet marketing have supplanted those old terms and are being tossed around to create this heaping, delicious technological salad which future generations will feed off of to become more technologically savvy than ever!

It’s not enough that the television was invented, but rather- we are excited about being able to DVR our favorite shows so that when we come home we can fast forward through the commercials without having to deal with the hassle of an “old fashioned” VHS tape (do those even still exist?).  And then on top of that, many of us don’t even bother with the television anymore.  Instead, we get excited that we can now watch our favorite movies for free on YouTube or Hulu!

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