Is your network boiling or lukewarm?

About a year ago I was introduced to a concept by a business coach, Bill Davis of Team Nimbus ( 919-539-3786). Bill talk to us about the difference between what he called a 212 degree relationship and a 211 degree relationship.

He asked what you could do with water that was 211 degrees. The answers varied from make a cut of coffee to a cup of hot chocolate. Then he asked what you could do with water that was 212 degrees.  The answer was move a ship across the ocean or power an electrical plant.

That one little degree is the difference between hot water and boiling water. Steam can power electrical plants or turn turbines to move ships.

It didn’t matter how much or how many containers of 211 degree water you had, you could not do what you could with a much smaller amount of 212 degree water.

Bill then told us to relate that to our relationships with our networking partners. He said that you can’t do with ten 211 degree partners what you can do with just one 212 degree partner.

He defined a 212 degree partner as someone who really knew what would make a great referral for you and someone that you knew the same about them. Also the 212 degree partner knew who would make a bad referral for you. The 212 degree partner actively looked for ways to send business your way and knew how because the two of you worked together to come up with those ways.

It’s great to build the size of your network, but, don’t forget about the quality. A few people who really know you and your business will help you much more than 20 that just know your name.

Do you want to power an electrical plant or have a cup of coffee?

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