Tips for Telemarketing

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First of all do not let your self be intimidated by the person on he other end of the phone. When making calls to people you will reach many people who are just having a bad day. Many times the person on the other end is cutting you short because their time is very valuable. Listen to them and what they have to say; Remember it isn’t you they are rejecting. When your potential customer answers the phone, and you start your introduction never just keep talking, and not let them say anything, This can be your biggest mistake. If you drown them out and act as if you don’t care a hang up will surely come your way and quick.

Telemarketing can be very trying and frustrating but only if you let it. Depending on the type of telemarketing calls your making. Selling can be a little more frustrating especially if your working for a company that has a goal you must meet. When you pick up the telephone and start dialing forget your goals and enjoy what you are doing. After all You’re getting paid to talk. Once you do this you will find telemarketing a lot less frustrating and much more enjoyable. Truly some of the people you talk to will absolutely make your day.

Be consistent when you have a hang up or rude person, just take a deep breath and make your next call. Never let one rude customer have an effect on your next call. Keep in mind he or she is only human and may be having a bad day. The more calls you make the more success you’ll see.

Read up and study the product you’re marketing The more you know the more comfortable you’ll feel with your customer. If there is something you are unsure of and you are new at this don’t be afraid to let the customer know. You will be surprised at how understanding they will be at you’re being honest. After all, none of us know everything.

Realize not all calls are going to be successful, simply because not everyone is going to want the product or service you’ re offering. It doesn’t matter what your product, or how much it may be needed. There are simply those who will not want what you are selling even when he or she may need or want it. Our economy today is having a financial effect on many and no matter the good deal you may be offering, there will be those who simply cannot afford your product at this time . Be understanding and let them know you will give them a call in the future. After all there is a big world of customers out there. Be polite and courteous leaving a open door for a future call.


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International Marketing Strategy: Your Website

Marketing strategy: How to structure a plan?Your Website is your 24/7 Sales Director; we have all heard about this before; and this is also a true statement applicable for Chinese website.

There are many tactics and strategies surrounding your Chinese website and these can make significant impact to the effectiveness of the campaign. The following are the essential strategies we deploy for our clients:

  1. Do not under-invest in your Chinese language website, many companies simply want to save on cost; and only allocate very limited fund for the marketing purpose; this will not work; as it will be a half-done job.
  2. It is essential to have a Chinese website; I often hear ridiculous comments like; “We will only target English speaking markets in China”; think it as you are an Asian company expanding into US; would you just have a Chinese website or would you have your website in English? It’s the same concept.
  3. Always have your website in 2 versions: Simplified Chinese (used in China & Singapore) and Traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and older generations Chinese communities). Many companies only choose Simplified Chinese for their website; by doing so; you are actually missing out a very large population of target markets & consumers; especially the more wealthy segments.

It is important to understand that Chinese communities are particularly sensitive when comes to their writing; you could potentially offend consumers in Hong Kong and Taiwan by handing them a Simplified Chinese marketing brochure and vice versa.

Additionally; by having your website in both versions; this will ensure your website can be found on different search engines; and think it of this way; this is almost like creating 2 websites under 1 website; hence double your web presence effectively.

  1. Web contents: similarly; you have to have good web contents for your Chinese website; these web contents must contain keywords and SEO-friendly to assist your website to rank higher in the search engine.
  2. Hosting: The location to host your Chinese website is a hidden secret; it is a rather complex issue; on one hand; you want your website to be hosted on a local server in China but taking a risk that it maybe terminated by the authority without any reason. On another hand; you want to ensure your website is always live in China; so what should you do? We often take a “Double Proof” strategy; meaning hosting your website in 2 separate locations; one in China and another in Hong Kong.

As a lot of marketing managers have asked me about the Search Engine Markets in China; I have dedicated to the next section exclusively.…

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Uphold Lease Agreements and Resolve Landlord Tenant Disputes

Handling disputes between Landlord and TenantLandlords of rental property have to resolve landlord tenant disputes as part of the job of owning rental property. Dealing with renters is usually the toughest part of the job, but with some upfront planning and preparation, landlord tenant disputes will be minimal and when and if they do arise, resolving them will be easier.



Tenant Screening, Rental Applications, and Lease Agreements

It’s important to screen tenants carefully. When a landlord takes the time to qualify tenants on the basis of the prospective renter’s income, rental history, and thorough background checks, the likelihood of selecting a renter that will be a problem goes down. Using good rental applications that treat all prospective renters fairly is key.

Equally as important is to have rock solid property lease agreements. Landlords need to protect their investments by writing a legally binding rental agreement that lays out what will happen if a tenant breaks one of the rules of the rental contract.


Follow Up on Rental Property

Landlords who check often on the renter and the property will have a better idea of how the tenant is treating the rental property. Dropping in on renters unexpectedly is a good habit for landlords. By arriving at the apartment or house without notice, the landlord can get a good idea of how the renter cares for the unit. It is within the landlord’s rights to maintain contact and to view his property. Outlining this condition in the rental agreement is important.

By asking tenants to mention repairs or changes that are needed, such as a plumbing leak, while it is still small the landlord has the opportunity to properly maintain the rental property. The landlord should stay on top of any problems, such as lawn maintenance if that is the tenant’s responsibility. If the lawn is not being mowed as agreed, for example, it is within the landlord’s rights to discuss the agreement with the renter. Give specific deadlines and consequences for making the changes.

Communicating with Tenants

If a problem arises, the landlord needs to communicate with the tenant verbally and in written, if appropriate. On the first offense, the landlord can give a verbal warning, depending on the situation. Landlords should first give a verbal warning to a tenant to address an issue. If this does not resolve the problem or if the issue is major, the landlord should immediately put the warning in writing. The landlord should send a written letter to the tenant advising the tenant of the problem, a date to resolve landlord tenant disputes, and cite the numbered line item in the rental agreement to back it up.

Landlords should always work with tenants and show good faith. If a renter is having personal trouble such as being laid off from work and cannot pay the rent, giving the renter a defined time to come up with the money can show compassion. However, it is important to be firm to protect your investment. The landlord is not the tenant’s friend; he is the landlord.



Dealing with Tenants – The Bottom Line

Landlords have the responsibility to uphold the rental lease agreement to protect their rental property. Dealing fairly with renters goes a long way in keeping the lines of communication open and having a positive relationship with tenants. Landlord follow up is mandatory to ensure the tenant is caring for the apartment or house as outlined in the lease.…

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Virtual Administrative Professional: Working from Home

Virtual Assistant DefinitionVirtual administrative professionals are on the increase. More and more companies are outsourcing administrative work to freelance professionals who are able to do the job without incurring overhead costs such as workers compensation, health insurance and other perks. Add to that the perks of working at home and the reason for the explosion in popularity is obvious.

Administrative professionals are turning to freelance in order to be able to stay at home with their children, continue their education or to be their own boss. Many individual virtual administrative professionals have started their own companies due to an expanding workload.

Getting Started

The first step in becoming a virtual administrator is being ready to handle clients once they are landed. That means having at least a basic home office set up and ready to go before handing out one business card or sending one proposal. Instead of having a supply room to go to, the multitasking is from home and the supply store is across town. Best to make sure the office is ready. So, what are the basic necessities?

  • Computer
  • Word processing and Spreadsheet Software
  • Backup Software
  • Email Client
  • File Folders (some files must be kept permanently)
  • Pens and Paper

This is a very basic list, but is enough to get started with. Most everything will be computerized making the backup a necessity not a luxury. Telling a client that all their data is lost is going to hurt you both monetarily and professionally.

Finding Work

Before leaving a day job and jumping head first into virtual administration visit some of the online companies that pair up virtual workers with companies. Next, network with other professionals in the community to find out their thoughts on virtual administrative professionals.


  • Elance is an online virtual freelance clearing house. Offering virtual work in several categories, from Administrative Professional to Writing and Web Design, they post jobs that interested parties can then place bids on. For those who are interested in finding out more about Elance there is Elance for Beginners.
  • GoFreelance is another online site dedicated to matching companies looking for work up to people willing to provide it. Like Elance, jobs are bid on and there is a small fee when jobs are complete.
  • Another option is to spread the word concerning services offered, timeliness of work, and rate charged. Create a brochure identifying services and send them around to offices in the community. Post the listing on Craigslist and in newspapers.

Virtual administrative professionals are here to stay. With technology making it easier and easier to join a meeting from almost anywhere in the world and businesses looking to cut costs, it only makes sense that work is done from home if at all possible. It’s a win-win situation for both the company and the worker.…

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Traditional and Multi-Level Marketing Business

Traditional Marketing vs Network Marketing - Secure MLM Software

Since child, parents motivated their children to go to school. It was set in mind that children would have finished their study from elementary, high school up to college. The reason behind all of this is to get a job and to earn money related to what major they have studied. Those years where they have studied at school is very expensive when it comes to enrollment fee. After graduation in college, they would apply a job as an employee. Working as an employee must work hard to earn money. In the end, they realized that working hard is not enough.

Due to economic crises in other countries, working as an employee is not enough. Employee’s salary is not enough for their families, friends and for their miscellaneous. They would come a time that they could not save their money for the future. It is difficult if people got sick and there are no more money left to pay for the hospital. They would have less time for their families because of the time that they are staying in the office. Still, money is not enough for them. To gain financial freedom, they thought of having a legitimate business.

There are two kinds of business. One is traditional business and multi-level marketing business. A traditional business is a kind of business, which they need a permit to operate any kind of business they want. They would find people whom they could trust so that both of them could manage the business. It needs techniques and work hard in the business. To other people, they would experience less sleep in operating a traditional business. It is said that it is better to have a business because to have a business is one way to gain financial freedom.

Multi-level marketing is a kind of business that needs to invest a less amount of money than traditional business. Most of the multi-level marketing business is viewed by most of the people as a scam even though some are legitimate. Those people who choose multi-level marketing as their business duplicate themselves by showing the marketing business and inviting people as a sponsor. The same with traditional business, it requires techniques and work hard to gain financial freedom but it depends to the people of how they work smart. These two kinds of business also help people to achieve their dreams. They could achieve not only financial freedom. They would also have more time for their family and friends.…

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BRIC Nations Lose a Member: Russia Faces Major Currency Devaluation – Again

Which countries will be major world powers in 2050? - Quora

Brazil, Russia, India and China were given the acronym BRIC nations in early this decade in response to the growing economic contribution the population of these emerging countries had made to world growth and established economic prosperity.

History of the BRIC Countries

The BRIC countries became net creditors to the world economy. They enjoyed stable governments that encouraged the growth of free market economics. The BRIC group were developing a large middle class that was able to trade with the world, producing goods and services that the world wanted. Growth was considered sustainable since moderate wage levels and wealth from natural resources, growing consumer demand, and emerging strategic importance all indicated a strong economic future. Indeed, growth for the group was well above European and North American averages.

Comparative Strengths of the BRIC

The strength of the China and India experience was built upon industrial and technological innovation and transfer to their large populations. The intention was to move agrarian resources to factory and technology environments. Brazil already held large agrarian resources that were used for both export and bio-fuel production. Brazil also has a relatively stable relationship with its neighbors so that its military budget did not draw upon resources as it did in China, India, and Russia. Like Russia, Brazil benefited from large energy reserves making it a net provider to the world and boosting its export trade credits.

Russia’s Particular Energy Boost to Growth

Russia, while part of the BRIC group of countries was somewhat apart from them as well. Russia, reduced in size and power post-Gorbachev sought to regain world leadership under Vladimir Putin. Putin imposed stringent measures meant to center the country’s economic growth through tight party leadership and a resource-based focus. During the period leading up to 2008 Russia’s growth in power and trade balances was primarily energy and resource based as exploding world demand and prices never anticipated the sharp and painful crisis that followed. The invasion of Georgia, the natural gas price dispute with the Ukraine and the exercise of naval power all were measures of Russia’s strong image of itself.

The Damage of the Global Recession to Russia

Eurasianet reports that Russian officials expect a full year GDP decline of 2.2 per cent. This seems optimistic given the roiling financial markets and the lack of oil to find a base level of support. It is because of the oil situation that the ruble has returned to values not seen in 10 years. 1998 was the year of the Asian contagion, a major banking destabilization crisis that resulted in the devaluation of the ruble.

So far official statistics indicate that Russia’s foreign reserves and gold holdings are around $450 billion. This indicates that over a third of its reserves have been used to support the ruble. As the financial turmoil continues a devaluation against the dollar, perhaps not as steep as the 70 per cent devaluation of 1998, could be in the offing.

BRIC Countries All Have Problems

The issue is that Russia seems unlikely to use the wealth it has to invest in technological transfer as China and India have done. Nor does Russia have the regional stability and diversified resource potential that Brazil does. It is not clear whether Russia can return to a normalized period of economic growth or stability or will remain the high volatility currency play it has been for over a decade. Russia may be a better commodity play than a story of emerging growth.…

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Balancing Work and Home Life When Someone Is Ill: How to care for Sick Family Members While Running a Small Business

Sick Leave and Personal Days - Encyclopedia - Business Terms | Inc.comWhen someone is running a small business, he or she is juggling quite a few tasks and is already often working more hours a week than someone with a traditional nine to five job. If a family member develops a long term illness, most entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by all the additional responsibilities. Does this mean that a small business owner with a sick relative should fold the business and start applying for an office job? Not necessarily. In fact, after the first few overwhelming weeks, most small business owners actually are better able to juggle the additional tasks they need to take on than people with traditional jobs.

Caring for seriously ill family members while successfully running a business requires entrepreneurs to stay organized, to prioritize tasks, to delegate projects to others and to be creative.

Use Calendar Software to Keep Track of Appointments

Hopefully, most small business owners already use calendar software to help them remember all the deadlines, appointments and other important events going on. If not, this is the ideal time to start. It can be very easy to forget that a sales rep was coming by for a 10 am appointment when a medical specialist a family member needs to see is only available at the same time. Having a calendar enables even the most overextended entrepreneur to spot potential conflicts and avoid missed appointments.

Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar are two free options for those business owners who don’t currently use software to keep track of appointments.

Use Time Management Skills – Learn to Delegate






When time is at a premium, dividing tasks into those that the small business owner must do and those that someone else can do is one of the easiest ways to create free time. Even a business owner who doesn’t have employees can delegate tasks. Virtual assistants, temp workers, book keepers, cleaning services, lawn care services and other contractual workers can temporarily take on many tasks that the business owner has been doing. Once the routine tasks have been delegated to other people, the business owner can then concentrate on two essential jobs: tasks that earn money and caring for his or her loved one.



Use Creative Thinking to Find Outside the Box Solutions



When someone is recovering from an illness, it can be hard to leave him or her for a few hours to run a business. The small business owner may feel so guilty and worried that he or she can barely focus on the task at hand. While a nurse may be too expensive or not quite necessary, there are some other options that can reduce the stress and worry.

  • Barter with a neighbor. Agreeing to do a small job for free or to provide materials at cost in exchange for having a neighbor look in on the patient a few times a day can give peace of mind without straining an already anemic budget.
  • Cut back on hours – While offering clients fewer hours isn’t ideal, it can be a temporary solution. Pinpointing the hours or days when business is slowest will enable the business owner to cut back on hours without unduly inconveniencing customers. If he or she does decide to cut back on hours, making new signage that clearly lists the new opening and closing times is a must. Customers understand a change in operating hours, but coming to a closed building and seeing signage stating that the business is supposed to be open is a frustrating experience.

A serious illness in the family can make running a small business a real challenge. However, by recording all appointments, delegating non-essential tasks and using creative thinking, a small business owner can reduce the stress of juggling care for someone who is ill and the daily operation of a growing business.…

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Why Create A Logo For Your Business?

Why Business Logo Design is So Important to Your Organization?

If you own a business, but don’t own a business logo, then you are not doing justice. This is such a powerful tool that giant corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a high quality and memorable logo design.

Budget Problem, No Problem:

Now, this clearly shows that this design is extremely important, but you may not have thousands of dollars for a logo. Don’t worry…Big businesses have all the extra cash to waste, whereas small business owners can get one at a fraction of the cost without even compromising on quality.

So, having said that, let’s now dig deeper and explore why you must create a logo design for your business.

Give Something to Your Market to Visualize Your Business:

Your logo is not a small piece of design; it is in fact your business identity. It helps you stand-out from the competition. Thus, without a logo, you won’t be able to create a unique business image.

If, in a store, you see many products by several manufacturers that you have never tried before, then it’s the quality of the logo that will enable you to determine the quality of a particular product. Without a logo, there won’t be any visualization and, thus, you won’t get any recognition. In order to grow your business, it is crucial that you give your business an impressive face with an impressive logo design.

Make Your Online Marketing Campaigns Effective:

If you use social networking sites, then your logo can help you a lot. Your logo design in your profile will help you promote your business and win the trust of your market. Let’s say you don’t have a logo right now. If you add friends and grow your network, it won’t help your business in any way, because you won’t be promoting your business. The only way of promoting your business will be through the links that you will post and it may even get you labeled as a spammer in the long run.

Having a logo design will prevent you from spamming as people will see your logo and learn about your business. If your network will trust you, then they will trust your business as well and would love to learn more about it. So, build your credibility by communicating with your network and build your business image with a high quality logo design.

Make Your Offline Marketing Campaigns Effective:

Distributing brochures and giving away complimentary items are some great ways of promoting your business offline. However, you won’t get any recognition if your brochure or products won’t have your logo imprinted on them. Other than recognition, a top-notch logo will also help you win the trust of your market.

When your target market will look at your complimentary products (with your logo) again and again, they will automatically begin to trust you (Hey, after all, they are already using your product in the form of a mug, pen, T-shirt or any other complimentary product).

So, folks, you need a logo design to give your business an identity and make your marketing campaigns effective.

In today’s tough competition, you can get a top quality logo, designed by a professional designer, at a very low price. So, you too can now create your brand identity effectively.



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5 Keys To Making A Great Video

5 Tips for Making A Professional Video On Your Smart Phone! - YouTubeThese days, viral is in. It seems as if anyone can create a video, slap it on YouTube and have it be an overnight sensation. And lately, businesses that are smart are starting to take notice of just how crucial of a role viral media can play in the promotion of their brand on the World Wide Web. The following are some key pointers to help you make a great video that is Internet worthy.

Steps to making a great video

    1. Invest in a tripod. How many times have you watched a video on the Internet in which you start to feel motion sickness from all of the shaking going on? Creating a professional video for your business means having some stability.
    2. Invest in a microphone. One of the best purchases you can make when trying to create a professional video is buying a microphone, specifically a lavaliere microphone. This is a kind of microphone that attaches to your clothing and can be plugged into the camcorder. Best of all, because these types of microphones are tiny, you can easily hide them so that they are not the main focus of the shot.
    3. Find the right lighting– Ideally, you should try to shoot your videos towards the end of the afternoon when the quality of the natural lighting outside is the best. Play around with the lighting a little to find out what works best for you, but keep in mind that using natural lighting will mean the difference between having to invest thousands of dollars in schlepping around expensive lighting equipment (which you’ll first have to learn how to use). If you’re videotaping an interview, make sure that you are aiming the camera away from the light source so that the focus of your video isn’t washed out.
    4. Learn a thing or two about the zoom. One of the most common mistakes when trying to make a great video is moving the camera around too much. Knowing how and when to pan out or zoom in can make or break a video.
  • Have a point. Especially if you are putting your video on sites such as YouTube, it only takes a matter of seconds for someone to be interested in what your video is about. This is where the title comes into play. Come up with a catchy, yet relevant title for your video, and make sure that your video isn’t too long. Typically, most videos that you see are only between one to five minutes in length.

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How To Improve Your Business With Erp Technology

Benefits of ERP - Advantages and Disadvantages of ERP Systems | WorkWiseERP technology encompasses a broad range of software products and solutions, all of which are designed to make it easier for businesses to share information among employees and departments who need access to it. In most ERP software applications, data is maintained in a central database that is updated in real time and can be seen by all employees who have access. This ensures that all departments are working with the same data and eliminates the need for maintaining separate records that may have discrepancies. These are just some of the ways ERP software can help improve your business.

Product Planning

ERP software is a vital tool for planning and creating new products. The assistance rendered by ERP applications begins at the earliest level of product planning when it offers assistance organizing and managing customer expectations that will later go in to the creating of a product that you can be sure is marketable.


ERP software is also useful at the manufacturing level. It helps factories and manufacturing plants meet best practice requirements so employees work safely and efficiently. It also makes tracking what products are produced and which are most efficient to make easy.

Delivery and Product Orders

In the modern retail world, fast delivery and prompt response to customer orders is essential. With ERP software, all necessary departments can track orders in real time and easily respond to customer questions or issues. When prompt and accurate delivery means managing an order between several different departments, ERP software makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page.


ERP software is also useful for your business’ marketing and sales team. Since effective selling is often a collaborative effort, ERP products allow multiple employees to work on the same product. The software tracks changes and allows ideas that turned out to be dead ends to be reverted easily. Additionally, all team members can see the most recent version of he project without hunting through confusing email chains.

Inventory Management

ERP software is the ideal tool for managing inventory. It allows users to see at a glance what products they have in stock and which they are running low on. In addition, it makes running sales metrics easy by tracking what products are selling and which are just sitting on the shelf.

Financial Management

Finally, ERP software can be used to keep track of financials. It is especially useful when multiple departments need to see the same financial documents without the hassle of keeping separate records.

Whatever your business needs and however you need to get organized, there are ERP software solutions by TGI that can help you and your business grow.…

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