Improve Your Google Search Ranking: Free, Quick and Easy Ways

The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Google Rankings Without Getting Penalized

As most people know, Google is the biggest and most widely used search engine online.

Most people’s first port of call, when searching for anything from virtual assistants to antiques, is to quickly type what they are looking for into Google.

Whilst Google is a very effective way of advertising, it also poses a problem: With the amount of people that submit their site to Google, how do you get ranked anywhere near the first few pages without it costing the earth in advertising fees?

I then stumbled across a FREE solution to this problem. Whilst this technique will only gain you high ranking locally within your own city, it will still drive traffic to your site, subsequently improving your overall Google ranking.

The solution to this is Google Maps. I added my website and all my information to Google Maps, which is free, and within 24hrs I had appeared on the first page of my Google search for Virtual Assistants.

As I am roughly the only person in my area of this occupation, I was ranked top. If you have a more popular occupation for example ‘florist’ you may not be ranked in the information on the right hand side of the map of your local area, but you will still be on the map as a pin, so people only have to scroll their cursor over you and all of your information will pop up for them to see.

Firstly all you have to do is go to Google Maps.
– Click on ‘put your business on Google maps’.
– If you have not signed up to Google, do so on the page displayed, don’t worry it only takes a second and is completely free, otherwise, log-in to your account.
– Then click ‘add listing’ and fill in all of your information, I feel the more information you have for people to read, the more appealing it is at first glance as they get to know a lot more.
– Then click next, confirm your information and the position of your pin on the map.
– You will be asked to confirm that you are legit with a pin that can be sent to the phone number you have supplied either by automated phone call or text.
– If you have not provided a contact number then you are sent a pin via post, this will obviously take much longer to get listed, so it is better to supply a number for people to contact you on.
– Once you have received your pin, this takes a minute or two, you submit it and Voila! You have your Google Maps listing. It will normally be active within 24hrs, simple!

This is a fantastic way to advertise locally, for free, and it only takes a matter of minutes to do!
It will improve traffic to your website, list you on the first Google search page of any person locally looking for your criteria and can help to improve your overall Google ranking.




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Pets as Gifts

4 Tips on Giving Pets as Gifts - My Animals

Giving pets as gifts or gift for pet owners seems like a pretty good idea instead of the usual cake, balloons, or sweatshirts during the gift-giving holidays and birthdays. Who couldn’t resist cute, warm, feathery or furry creatures. But, there are a lot of things to consider and think over before picking up a rabbit for your niece or a cat for your aunt.

A child may be excited when given a pet. But eventually, as the responsibility of caring for a pet starts to set in, the child will view it as a burden. If the child is way too young to care for a pet of his own, that burden will fall to his parents.

Pets can also put a dent in someone’s pockets. They do come with expenses like doctor visits, food and vitamins. If the person you are giving the pet to has a limited budget or income, he may not welcome the idea of owning a pet. Instead of being happy with having a pet companion, they may only be stressed because of the added financial burden.

Do not surprise someone with a pet unless you know that he wants and is ready to have that specific pet. Having pets need commitment. You are giving them something to take care of, feed, raise, love, nourish and treat well. A pet is not something that you can leave in a corner when you do not want it anymore.

Do your research. Be aware of pet related health issues. Animals can cause allergies, asthma attacks and many medical conditions. Many pets have been given back because children or a family member develop allergies.

Not everyone loves dogs. Some may like cats but prefer to have a goldfish in their home because it requires less maintenance. Different people prefer different kind of animals. Also, pets like people have their own personalities. If your friend likes to hike and camp up in the mountains, do not get him a pet that just likes to laze around the house and sleep all day. Elderly people would rather have some quiet, low-maintenance pets instead of very active ones.

Another factor to consider would be, do they have any existing pets in the family. If yes, will the old pet co-exist comfortably with the new one. Some pets like to socialize while some would rather be the only pet in the house and can be quite territorial.

Take note of the family environment and what environment the pet needs. If the family lives in a condo type unit home, maybe a large pet will not be applicable to them. If they spend all day in the office or school and come home quite late, a pet may not be a welcome idea. Do they travel a lot? Bringing a pet to a family who cannot give it proper attention will not be fair.

When you give someone a pet, make sure that they are properly informed on how to train, nourish and care for their pet. Some pets end up at animal shelters because their owners cannot handle expenses or “behavior issues”. Most of these could be avoided given that the owners have had adequate training, given proper attention to their pets and have made the proper selection of a pet.…

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5 Ways To Make Your Wfh Experience That Much Sweeter

26 Working From Home Tips During the Coronavirus OutbreakThe following are five ways in which you can improve your work-from-home (WFH) experience to make things a heck of a lot sweeter!

  1. Know Your Company’s Policies– Working from home is one thing, but actually getting the work done is another. Obviously, if your boss trusts you enough to work from home, then he or she trusts you enough to know that you are reliable and will follow the usual business ethics to make sure that your work is done in a timely manner and in the way in which it was originally specified to you to be done. The last thing that you want to do is ruin that balance of trust with your employer, so always make sure that you go above and beyond to do your best.
  2. Maintain Some Semblance of a Schedule– Just because you have the luxury of working from the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep up a regular work schedule. I’m not saying that you have to work a strict 9-5 schedule; but at the same time, you don’t really want to be working in a few hours here, a couple of minutes there and then the rest of your hours in the middle of the night. Keeping a rough schedule helps to keep you organized, and it also keeps your body trained to get work done during a certain time frame. Plus- it allows you to better set your schedule for doing other things such as, I don’t know, having a social life for starters!
  3. Cut Out the Distractions- For me, this boils down to one of two things: my cell phone or Facebook. Whatever it is for you, get rid of it (at least while you are working). For instance, when I am hard at work, my cell phone is usually turned off or is turned to silent and placed in another room. As for the social networking sites, I usually have a schedule in front of me on one screen and my tasked work on another, which leaves very little wiggle room for social networking sites. In between work breaks, I will try to check my cell phone or relieve some of the work monotony by checking out the latest social media stuff.
  4. Take Breaks and Get Out- I have a tendency to work for long blocks of time, which is not good for several reasons; the main one being that when I eventually peel myself out of my chair, my back is killing me and I suddenly realize that I’m starving. Some of the tendency for those of us who work from home is to shut ourselves indoor all day until we finish every last drop of work. You don’t have to do this! Breaking up your work day is a great way to stay fresh and on point so that work doesn’t begin to drag you down. Get out and go for a walk or head to the gym or meet up with a friend for lunch and then come back to your work. Schedule breaks for yourself!
  5. Protect Your Computer- If you work from home, then you will no doubt want to invest in a secured internet connection to protect your wireless network. Also, make sure that you back up whatever files you are working on just in case the power goes out or there is inclement weather.

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Keeping Things On The Level: Corporate Level Cases Require Corporate Level Management Software

Management Levels and Types | Boundless Management

The path towards achieving a better bottom line often involves making the workflow more efficient, less time-consuming, and adaptable to various factors you may encounter in a given work setting. A corporate level management software will help you achieve this, all while helping you eliminate human errors and miscommunication along the way. Let’s take a quick look at why this type of business software has been getting increasingly more popular in the recent years:

Get an overview of what needs to be done

To-do lists have come far beyond what a typical text file allows you to do. A good corporate matter management software allows you to manage all tasks from a single place, and also update them in real-time. When a task is finished, simply drag it into the ‘completed’ section and be done with it. Also, if a certain task has a deadline attached to it, you will quickly be able to make the necessary adjustments and tackle it first.

Estimate your resource spend

If you know the costs in advance, you can plan them and account for them in advance. The same goes for travel times, completion times, etc. With a good software, you can group these things together and calculate the costs in a matter of moments.

Keep it efficient

Where are you wasting your resources the most? In most cases, there’s always a room for improvement, and with the help of a good software, these holes will become crystal-clear and easy to see and you will be able to combat the root of the problem.

Take stock of your inventory

Without having a central database from where you can easily track your inventory, ordering new pieces and updating your company’s available products can quickly become a nightmare to manage. If you write it all down and update the numbers in real-time, you’ll never have to worry about mistakes and ordering too much or too little.


If you assign urgency labels to different task, the corporate level management software will allow you to sort out the remaining tasks depending on how urgent they are to complete. The more variables you input, the more efficient you’ll be at getting things done. For example, by inputting the expected amount of time a certain task is going to take, you can sort them in a way that you’ll quickly be able to identify the ones that are estimated to take the least amount of time to clear.

Centralized reporting

Centralized reporting allows you to see things from a clear angle, with all the needed graphs, charts, and other analytical tools that are freely at your disposal. Generating a custom report will allow third party analysts you hire to read your data with ease, even without having to install the management software themselves.


Keeping business matters under control is never easy, but since we live in a digital age, it’s much simpler than ever before. Numerous business owners all around the globe are already reaping the benefits of corporate matter management software. Are you ready to experience them yourself?…

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Friday Reflection: Is Technology Spoiling Us?

Technology is Ruining Humanity.. My name is Rishabh Singh. I am a… | by  Rishabh Singh | The Startup | Medium

Remember the days before cell phones and the Internet?  Today, most of us can’t even fathom the thought of not being able to go 10 minutes without checking our Twitter accounts or Facebook profiles from our Blackberry or other cellular devices.  A few years ago, when I was taking classes at Duke University, I remember walking through the student center where the restaurants were, and while I was waiting for my food order to be called, I checked my email at one of the computer stations that were located right next to the eating area.   I remember thinking (even back then) about how far we’d come in such little time!  Why, when I first started college as an undergraduate back in 2000, I recall what a major ordeal it was for me to go with my dad to pick out my very first computer to take with me to college.  Most students didn’t even have computers of their own back then! Now, if you don’t have your own laptop computer, you’re considered somewhat of a pariah, but I digress…

When Will We Be Satisfied?

When I was in high school, cell phones hadn’t quite burst onto the scene yet- they were still something that only a few people had in their cars.  You may remember these “car phones“.  Instead, we had beepers- and though they weren’t allowed at my school, we’d still sneak them in and use the payphone to beep one another.  My, how times have changed.  Now, the language has shifted from rotary phones and cassette players to touchscreens and iPods.  From the budding Internet days to the blossoming blogosphere…words such as social media, blogging and Internet marketing have supplanted those old terms and are being tossed around to create this heaping, delicious technological salad which future generations will feed off of to become more technologically savvy than ever!

It’s not enough that the television was invented, but rather- we are excited about being able to DVR our favorite shows so that when we come home we can fast forward through the commercials without having to deal with the hassle of an “old fashioned” VHS tape (do those even still exist?).  And then on top of that, many of us don’t even bother with the television anymore.  Instead, we get excited that we can now watch our favorite movies for free on YouTube or Hulu!…

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4 Great Marketing Ideas for Golf Clubs

Golf is a sport which can be difficult to market. Though a well-maintained course will bring in lovers of the game, to maximize the potential of your club, you need to be aware of the best ways to bring in customers and increase membership.

Be Part of the Local Community

Engaging with the community surrounding a gold club can provide great marketing opportunities. Golf courses are often by necessity in a more rural area, and this means passing trade is rare, so new customers must be sought out.

Golf club management is a delicate balance between maintaining tradition and opening up enough to grow new business. Less formal open days can give a gentle introduction to people who might have never considered a golf club membership, and holding events, such as tournaments and charity drives, can bring in a host of new clientele.

If you run one of a number of clubs in your area, think about working with competitors to put together package deals, where 2 or 3 courses offer rounds over a week or long weekend. Bringing in local hoteliers or restaurant owners to the deal, can also forge useful business links.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Prospective members or players can be intimidated by a hugely formal atmosphere. First impressions are vital, and something as simple as training staff to greet and welcome everyone on arrival can help immensely with making people feel more comfortable, especially on a first visit.

Another thing to consider is decoration. Interior design should match the atmosphere you are looking to foster, and a blend of traditional materials, with a modern style can maintain a feeling of age and class, while looking fresh and up to date. Including appropriate signposting can be very useful, and not just for directions. It is a great idea to add ‘All Welcome’ signs to areas which are open to the public, to remove any doubt about where people may or may not go, and make them feel at ease. ‘Members Only’ areas are fine, provided they are clearly labelled as such.

Make Memberships to Fit Your Clients

Think about the economy and lifestyle in your area when setting membership prices and conditions. Find out how often your members make use of your facilities, and what other rewards you could offer to someone who only has time for one or two rounds a month. Membership must be worthwhile, so flexibility can be key.

Offering weekly, monthly, or yearly plans allows a range of people to find a membership which will fit into their lifestyle. You can also offer tiered memberships, bonuses, extras or deals to your most loyal members. Make sure all the information regarding your membership is easily accessible to all.

Don’t Forget Online Marketing

Bringing younger people in to golfing can be invaluable, and a great way to do that is through online marketing. Simple things like growing a Facebook account and posting about upcoming events can help you reach a target audience, and basically offer free advertising once you have put the effort in to build up the page.

Having an up to date website is also essential, your site should be easy to navigate, even on mobile devices. The internet is many people’s first, and in some cases only, source of information, so it pays to be easy to find online.


Effective marketing is a fundamental part of running a golf club. Branching out your marketing, and bringing in as many new customers as possible can breathe new life into your club, resulting in more memberships, and facilitating the growth of a vital community around your course.…

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How to Successfully Promote Your Business

Every business owner believes they are operating the best business in the industry, but it can sometimes be difficult to express that passion into your marketing campaigns. If you are struggling to develop an effective marketing campaign, we are offering some tips to help you successfully promote your business.

Whiteboard Animation

If you want to stand out from the crowd and create something completely unique to your competitors, we recommend The Draw Shop whiteboard animation. Whether you are looking for a fun and entertaining marketing campaign, educational video, corporate video or training video, the innovative whiteboard animation can convey the company message in a unique and exciting way, whilst also providing the appearance of a forward-thinking company.

Do Things Differently

Many companies can often get so caught up in what their competitors are doing that they forget to focus on their own market campaigns. So, it is time to stop thinking of your business as an industry rival, and start believing your company is an industry leader.

Your competitors might only be developing social media campaigns, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embark with an AdWords campaign or programmatic advertising. So, it’s time to think outside the box and develop a strategy that suits your company, not your rivals’ businesses.

Develop an Email Marketing Campaign

If you want to turn leads into conversions, you should seriously consider creating an effective email marketing campaign, which can showcase your news, product launches and more. While the likes of social media are great for driving leads to your website, they aren’t as successful for driving conversions in comparison to email marketing, which has an average conversion rate of 66%.

Develop an Angle

You know your business is great, but can you tell your target demographic why? If you can’t, you must sit down and think about your company’s greatest strengths. Once you know, you must find an angle and shout about it both on and offline. For example, you could contact local or national newspapers and magazines to discuss your angle – and don’t forget to write about it on your own website, too.

Become an Industry Leader

If you are an expert in your field, you should strive to become an industry leader. Create a strong online presence by developing informative blogs, connecting with like-minded individuals on LinkedIn and developing industry guides that people can turn to when they require helpful information on your industry.

You should also offer to provide journalists with a quote for articles related to your industry, as you can be the expert they consult for a comment on a topic. The more press and attention you receive, the stronger your online presence and the more people will trust in your company’s products or services.

So, if you want to successfully promote your services, add some fun into your branding with a whiteboard animation, develop an email marketing campaign, don’t be afraid to break free from the norm and strive to become a leader in your industry.…

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What Marketing Materials Are Essential for A Small Business?

Starting a small business is an exciting time, and there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before you open your doors or launch your website. Something that is essential is getting the right pieces of marketing material ready so that you have all the tools necessary to boost your business and let others know about what you do. Marketing materials aren’t necessarily something tangible, but they are all important, but which ones are absolutely vital?

Your Logo 

Every business needs a logo if it is to be taken seriously. A logo denotes quality, and shows potential customers that you plan to be around for a long time to come. Even if you don’t have a background in design, you can create a simple logo made from shapes, or the name of your company. If you want something more advanced, you can hire a freelance designer to make you something that will really stand out. With so many new companies starting all the time, you will need to find a way to differentiate yourself from them, and a good logo accompanied by great quality goods and services is one way to do just that. Your logo will be found on every other promotional item you produce, so it needs to be clear and concise too.

Your Business Cards 

Business cards are an excellent investment. Even though a lot of work is now done online, including marketing work, there is nothing quite like the personal touch of meeting people face to face and being able to network with them. If you have attractive business cards that complement the rest of your branding design (something that a company such as SmashBrand can help you with) and make your brand and marketing material cohesive, you can hand them to people who you may be able to do business with in the future. Having a business card that can easily be shared is a great way of promoting your business quickly and efficiently. You can leave a stack of cards in a store, for example, if you do the same for them. You can put them in packages that you send out so that customers don’t forget where they bought their goods from. They can be used in a multitude of different ways.

Your Website 

A website is an invaluable marketing tool, and it perhaps your most important marketing material. Websites are no longer something that simply give a few details of your business; they are now an essential part of bringing in revenue. It might be that you are solely web based, in which case your website must be perfect, but even if you also have a physical store, your website must still be well done and accurate. Spelling errors and the wrong information, for example, will put potential customers off. A website must show a level of professionalism – it is, after all, the first impression most people will get of your business these days. It should also be branded the same as the rest of your marketing material so that people know they are in the right place and will get the right kind of service.…

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5 Reasons to Choose a Local Injection Moulding Company

Plastic is an essential part of everyday life. Plastic makes an appearance in items as diverse as auto parts and toys, food containers and medical instruments. Plastic allows for the cheap production of parts that help machinery function efficiently and safely. Plastic is a versatile, cost-effective material but it can be overwhelming when choosing a supplier to make your plastic parts. It is even more complicated when you have to consider whether to have the parts made in the UK or overseas. Here are a few ideas about how to pick the right people and why – crucially – a local injection moulding company is best.

  1. Pick a Local Company for Stress-Free Communication 

There are far fewer worries associated with the logistical side of dealing with a UK plastic parts company. Communication is simple and hassle-free, compared to dealing with an overseas company where you must factor-in possible time differences and language differences. If you want to ask a quick question you simply pick up the phone or send an email, without having to think about the best time to contact the company. You can even visit in person to take a look at the manufacturing plant and the process.

2. Choose a Local Injection Moulding Company for Lower Overall Costs 

Overseas injection moulding companies have traditionally offered lower prices for moulding jobs but nowadays the difference in price is not so extreme. You need to factor in the cost of shipping and possible storage when you order from overseas. This can bring the price up considerably. A UK company offers competitive pricing on delivery and will certainly be cheaper than an overseas supplier in that respect. You also do better with your carbon footprint when you don’t ship long distances.

3. Choose a UK Injection Moulding Company for Less Hassle

Sometimes mistakes are made. Or you may change your mind or your specifications. Dealing with a UK company like is easier than having to deal with a company that is far away – it is much easier to correct mistakes when the company is close by. And even if there are no mistakes, but you just want to check up on the progress of the order, this is a simple matter.

4. Choose a Local Company to Handle Your Specific Order

Many overseas injection moulding companies are only after the big order – if you have a smaller budget you may find this a problem. You can’t afford to place a large order at once; you prefer to post smaller orders on a more frequent basis. You can do this with a company who is closer to home and happy to work on orders large and small; at the frequency that suits you.

5. Choose a Local Plastics Company for a Quicker Turnaround

When ordering from far away the turnaround time is bound to be longer as you are shipping or delivering over longer distances. It’s a big advantage if you don’t have to worry about shipping costs, too. Often it really makes sense to order from a local firm – the benefits come direct to you.…

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Establishing a Professional Connection with Corporate Leaders through Social Media

Social media has eliminated communication barriers in the corporate world. People who were at one time regarded as unapproachable can now be easily contacted and engaged online through social networking sites. Because social media promotes a certain level of transparency, people in all professional levels do their best to promote themselves in the best manner possible. They establish social networking pages and include qualifications and professional summaries to show that they have the business experience that potential clients look for. The shahram shirkhani profile on LinkedIn, for example, is an excellent example of a well put together webpage.

Building a profile on social media sites has proven to be a relatively easy undertaking, in fact. The social networking site shows people how to set up their accounts and provide the right amount of details about themselves and their work experience. Building a profile begins with members of the site providing their full names and their professional title or position. They also can list the company or firm for which they work or own. Along with these basic details, people can also provide a description for the type of services or products that their company provides. They can likewise include the company’s web address if they prefer.

The next part of their social media profile calls for members to go into more detail about where they obtained their training and what professional or volunteer positions they have held. They can also provide information about any academic or professional committees in which they participate. The final section of their profile can include any special skills or certifications that they possess that may be of interest to their social media followers or potential clients. Once their profile is finished, it will look very similar to a professional resume. In fact, some people link their online resumes to their social media accounts.

It is important to note that only members of the social networking site can see a member’s full profile. Someone who wants to research a company or scout for new employees must sign up for an account on that site. Signing up for social networking accounts is relatively easy to do and also does not cost money for basic account privileges. Once they are members of the site, people can then begin linking their own accounts to people whom they wish to follow and engage with online.

Social media sites that focus on promoting professional connections encourage members to build networks with others who share the same corporate skills and goals. For example, someone who wants to retain an international lawyer to represent him or her in the Middle East may also find it convenient to connect with other members of the lawyer’s firm. This person also may connect with followers who have retained this lawyer’s services in the past. These connections allow the potential client to have access to information that could come in handy for his or her international business matter. The person can ask the other followers questions about the lawyer’s expertise, for example.

Social networking makes it easier for people to engage with business professionals who could help them with a variety of corporate or legal matters. These websites make it easier for potential clients to do research and ask questions of people who otherwise could be difficult to contact.…

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