5 Keys To Making A Great Video

5 Tips for Making A Professional Video On Your Smart Phone! - YouTubeThese days, viral is in. It seems as if anyone can create a video, slap it on YouTube and have it be an overnight sensation. And lately, businesses that are smart are starting to take notice of just how crucial of a role viral media can play in the promotion of their brand on the World Wide Web. The following are some key pointers to help you make a great video that is Internet worthy.

Steps to making a great video

    1. Invest in a tripod. How many times have you watched a video on the Internet in which you start to feel motion sickness from all of the shaking going on? Creating a professional video for your business means having some stability.
    2. Invest in a microphone. One of the best purchases you can make when trying to create a professional video is buying a microphone, specifically a lavaliere microphone. This is a kind of microphone that attaches to your clothing and can be plugged into the camcorder. Best of all, because these types of microphones are tiny, you can easily hide them so that they are not the main focus of the shot.
    3. Find the right lighting– Ideally, you should try to shoot your videos towards the end of the afternoon when the quality of the natural lighting outside is the best. Play around with the lighting a little to find out what works best for you, but keep in mind that using natural lighting will mean the difference between having to invest thousands of dollars in schlepping around expensive lighting equipment (which you’ll first have to learn how to use). If you’re videotaping an interview, make sure that you are aiming the camera away from the light source so that the focus of your video isn’t washed out.
    4. Learn a thing or two about the zoom. One of the most common mistakes when trying to make a great video is moving the camera around too much. Knowing how and when to pan out or zoom in can make or break a video.
  • Have a point. Especially if you are putting your video on sites such as YouTube, it only takes a matter of seconds for someone to be interested in what your video is about. This is where the title comes into play. Come up with a catchy, yet relevant title for your video, and make sure that your video isn’t too long. Typically, most videos that you see are only between one to five minutes in length.

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